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By: timcheri

There are different types of inventions, and humans are doing these inventions from the beginning of time. One famous invention of early people was ‘wheel’ on which whole system of technology is based.
In earlier years of human history, the speed of inventing things was much slower but that changed with time and development. The main development was the invention of printing press, because that helped people in publishing one book again and sending it to faraway places. Because of that, people in faraway places started becoming aware about their surroundings, the earth and different people who live around them.
Later subjects were developed to categorize different books and impart knowledge. Today, inventions and innovations in those inventions are going on at a rapid pace. Because those subjects that were developed to categorize, have been turned to fields and employees are specialized. Due to this specialization people are now getting experienced only in one job so that they can provide more productivity to the company or industry they are working for.
But in my opinion specializing in only one field is bad, because due to recession or things like that, there comes circumstances when one person’s job is lost. In those situations what he can do is to get hired by another company for totally different job in a totally different atmosphere.
These days, inventions are being displayed in MWC in Barcelona, Spain. These inventions are all related to technology and mobilization. Because mobiles are getting popular day by day, and I think that time is not far when mobiles will become our personal assistant. That we can control by our voice and commands, just like the one in Iron Man.
Although, that technology is being made by a company ‘I read about it somewhere on the internet’. And it will be launched by 2015.
As I was saying about the MWC event that is taking place in Spain. There are some of the inventions in that event that are extra ordinary. For example the Sony Xperia Tablet, though that tablet is pretty old in 2013 but, that statement alone, cannot degrade it. Because Xperia tablet is ‘hardcore’, it can withstand anything, from being dropped in to water to dust.
Another good invention that I like the most is the Nokia 105 phone. For smart phone lovers…it’s not a smart phone but those who want to keep it simple. This phone is made just for them. Nokia 105 is just like old phones with colored screen in all respects but the difference is in battery timings. Normal phones can run between charging for 3 days-14 days but Nokia 105 can last more than 30 days. Yes, this phone can work as a backup for anyone.

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