Intoed Gait

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Intoed gait, also referred to as “pigeon toed” occurs when the feet turn inwards (towards each other) when walking. Intoed gait is a very common observation in young children which may be a cause of concern or distress in many parents. Children who have intoed gait may be prone to tripping when walking or running and may even appear awkward when performing those activities. There are many causes of intoeing - the three most common causes can be broken down into three lower extremity segments. It can either be caused by the thigh bone (femur), the lower leg (tibia), or the foot.
Femoral Torsion: The thigh bone is twisted inward.

Tibial Torsion: Twisting of the shin bone which may be caused by positioning in the womb.

Metatarsus Adductus: The feet are curved inward.

With many of these conditions, no treatment or monitoring with close follow up can be all that is necessary. For severe conditions, early intervention is best. Without intervention, the deformity may get worse over time with children frequently tripping or falling, shoe gear and fit issues, or even surgical intervention needed for rigid deformities.

Please call and make an appointment if you feel your child is experiencing intoed gait or pain in the feet. Let us perform an in-depth examination which would include a gait exam and analysis. We will be able to properly diagnose your child’s feet and provide proper treatment plans when needed in order to protect your child from further complications.

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