Internet scams and how to deal with them

By: ScamRipper

"Scam" the word itself make people scary. There are endless people who browse on the web. Its is very helpful for the people also it helps them to be in touch with their relatives who resides at a distance place, to shop things, to get information on any particular thing like a place, city, hotel, recipes, country anything it has become the fastest and the easiest and cheapest way to find informationís or to get details about the things which are miles away from them.
But other than this there are so many other people who uses internet to harm others. There are so many different types of scams and viruses which are used to attempt and attract you into separating you from your hard earned money and your private information.
To be away from all these types of scams you must install high quality antivirus software in your computer. This will hopefully help you to be away from getting caught up in the scams. Listed below are some of the most common types of internet scams:

This is one of the most famous types in internet scams on the web. In this type of scam you will receive an email which will seem to be very professional type from a bank or a company asking for your personal details and will provide you with a link to fill up all your details in it. Do not click to the link and reveal the information this will put you in a trouble.


  • Do not click on the link

  • Contact to a bank or the organization from where you got the email

  • Banks should never ask personal information via email

  • Report it to the customer care organizations

A friend in need?
This is an also a very popular type in internet scams. In this the scammers will log on to your personal accounts and will send emails to your friends asking for some good amount of cash stating that you are in need of money as you have been looted their so do not even have money for coming back and will also mention that all telephone lines are jammed here so they cannot talk over the phone also.


  • Do not send the money

  • If they are really in need of it they will contact you somehow

  • Try to contact the friend

  • Enquire from her relatives or parents

The Lottery Scam:
In this type of scam you will receive an email stating that you have been randomly selected in our lucky draw and you have won a large amount of cash. Stating that though you have not participated in our competitions or lucky draw but still you have won it so you have to pay a registration fee to receive the winning prize.

  • Don't hook up on links in superfluous emails;

  • In no way mail any blunt amount obligatory in order to 'claim your prize';

  • Never disclose private information or monetary information via email

  • If you wish to visit a scrupulous website, for all time log in the address directly rather than using an entrenched link

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