Internet Website Marketing: 3 Powerful Tools to Find Your Target Audience

By: Daryl Campbell

Who is your target audience? That is the one question you need to answer before choosing the internet website marketing techniques you will use to promote your business. Everyday, thousands of people join the online revolution. That number is only going to increase. This is where you have to do some good old fashioned market research.

Internet marketing research can tell you where to target your internet marketing promotion and to a degree exactly how much you should invest. You can always hire a consulting firm that specializes in this area but what if you don't have the money to outsource this very critical step?

1. Search Engines.
Besides the fact that over to 80% of your website traffic will come from search engines, they are also a great place to do research. Think about the product you are interested in selling, type some keyword search terms into your browser and hit enter. You can do this with any number of search engines but right now you might as well go with the biggest one out there: The Google.

What kind of results are you getting? Are people searching by the thousands, millions or not at all? As an example, the keyword phrase golf course yields 102,000,000 results while golf bags clocks in at 2,410,000. The higher the results, the more competition for your target audience. Your internet marketing campaign could do quite well at the lower end of the spectrum.

2. Keyword Tool
Typing in keywords at random into your browser is a good start to your internet marketing campaign but you want to know specifically the words and phrases people are using to find what they are looking for. Using a keyword research tool can tell you how many times a specific word is being searched on, as well as the many variations which fall under your main keyword.

Going back to our golf analogy, the phrase golf bag is searched on over 15,000 times per month but under that comes terms like golf travel bag, nike golf bag, callaway golf bag, and countless others. You can literally find a targeted sub niche within your main niche. Keyword research is very powerful and whether you are new to internet marketing for e commerce or a grizzled veteran; it should be a major tool in your internet marketing plan.

3. Go Offline
Don't just limit your internet marketing research to the internet. This is a mistake that many online entrepreneurs make. There is a great big world out there which in many cases sets the trend for what is happening in cyberspace. Start going to places like Barnes and Noble and see what's the hottest new book or magazine. Check out what's on television and or radio. Talk to people and ask them what they like or better still just listen. You can pick up a lot of information concerning what the new trends are or the latest hot ticket item by just listening.

The success of your internet marketing business is limited only by your capacity to promote your product and implement a sound internet marketing plan. So start doing your research now and make it an ongoing part of your business.

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