Internet Logo design - Thinking out of the box

By: edward fery

Internet logo designs are usually more demanding, as one cannot perceive and explain the term ‘internet’ in a physical format. But people can get an idea and explain the term internet depending on the work of an internet company.
Here we will describe a few ways which are normally used when designing the internet logo designs.
Design: For an internet logo design, design needs to be thought before designing the logo. And a good practice is to first design the logo on a notepad, because in that way you will get the feel of logo and have a deep look of it. That will tell you how normal public and the client will perceive your logo design.
Usually, we describe internet by ‘connectivity’ or by ‘network’ for an internet logo design we will use the same words in our images.
Color: After locking a design to be used with our logo, we will think of the colors that mostly suit internet logo designs. Technological colors which normally depict internet are metallic colors. As internet technology is made usable by hardware which is metallic in color (silicon chips). Metallic colors are usually made by Photoshop or any other software by using gradients. That gives a pleasant shine to the design at the same time making it more environmentally friendly.
Typography: After that it depends on the creative art of a designer whether he wants some editions with his typography or not. Designer normally uses some different concepts in the typography to match it with the current going aspects of technology. A good example to say here will be of IBM, IBM has a logo with its typography, but with blue and white stripes passing between the typography of the logo design. This strip concept is a powerful one because it can make the logo recognized from far away if the logo is posted on a billboard and at the same time give a corporate look to the logo. Because in offices people normally use (striped and check shirts).
Business Line: In the end, business line is made for the logo design. Just like making a headline of news story takes time and is considered as the most important aspect of the story. Same is the case with business line/tag line of a logo, because it’s the marketing line that will bring people to the door step of the company. So, remember to make the line understandable in the minimum word count. Normally 4 words tag line is considered a corporate tag line.

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