Internet Faxing: VOIP versus Online Internet Faxing

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The Internet have vastly improved since its introduction in 1973. The first 'Inter-neting' project was launched in the U.S. Defense Advancement Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a research program to investigate techniques and technologies for interlinking packet networks of different kinds. The goal at that time was to develop communication procedures that would allow inter-connected computers to communicate across many, packet networks.

From then on, the Internet continued to innovate and improved the way communication is done. It enabled many individuals to perform numerous task that were not possible several years ago. The net enabled trouble-free exchange of information between people around the world and became a component in their daily lives. These exchange of information became faster and more efficient. The use of e-mails and online chatting brought communication to new heights and conquered many boundaries.

Internet connection has changed throughout the years. These connections can now be available as dial-ups, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and wireless Internet also known as wifi. Because of this phenomenon, the Internet became more sufficient and more available world-wide. The Internet, enabled many countries apart to communicate better and become closer to each other. Even third-world countries, the Internet can be availed without any difficulties. The world has become 'flat,' in the sense that privileges has been leveled. With the help of such technological advancements, the development of global friendship where cultures and ethnicity are shared became easily established.

Innovations in the telecommunication sector continue to prosper and innovate. With the increased qualities of the Internet, faxing can now be sent online. This form of faxing has enabled these messages to be sent and received faster and more efficient than the traditional fax machine. It is also economical because the use of another device like the fax machine is not necessary. This frees consumers of the hassles of buying additional papers, inks, and toners which are necessary commodities of fax machines.

Internet faxing can be sent and received in two ways: one is through signing up with an Internet faxing site and the other is through the use of a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). VOIP is a method in which voice phone calls are decoded digitally. This type of technology transmits voice over what is called an IP network. Faxing through a VOIP lines according technology experts is not recommended. This kind of technology can fax a page or two over the said line but may take several minutes to accomplish. These experts explain that this happens because the fax tone is said to be digitized into packets, where a packet loss happens. This results into bad fax or an error message, this diminishes the consumer's chances of sending a successful facts.

Technological experts advice those who are planning to send faxes online to subscribe to Internet sites and companies who offer Internet faxing rather than using VOIP services. To avail of this Internet faxing service, all one has to do is visit an Internet faxing site and sign-up. By signing up consumers are allowed to gain access to incoming and outgoing fax messages. These messages are accessible to most parts of the world, provided that there is available Internet connection. Even in remote areas these messages can be received and sent with the use of laptop computers, mobile phones, or PDA's.

Because of Internet faxing, it's time fax machines to the trash and go straight to the desktop. It's time to say good bye to dilemmas of jammed papers, expensive inks and toners, and other problems encountered while using traditional fax machines. The Internet has greatly improved present-day communication because it's widely available and its cheap. Although a number of individuals may be intimidated by this new technology, experts advice that these studies be learned and utilized.

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