Internet Business Strategy: Leveraging On Your Expertise


Many people will tell you that Internet Marketing is a dog-eat-dog business. Here's the truth about dogs - they're pack animals. They form social groups that have clearly defined leaders and followers. They take advantage of the power of united effort and shared benefits. They seldom eat each other, if they're connected to the same group.

If you approach your IM efforts as if it's "Me, against the World", you'll be putting an artificial restraint on your growth and prosperity. Everything you do will be valued at what you, alone, have done. The only way you will be able to increase your income will be to work harder, longer and have less time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Being a sole proprietor ain't all it's cracked up to be, if you limit yourself to being an army of one.

Every person generally has one thing they do really well. All the other tasks and chores involved in doing business end up distracting the person from really capitalizing on that core strength, if that person insists on going it alone. Then, there's the problem of building a business large enough to reach major goals and aspirations. If you think you can become a major force in IM without sharing your success, you'll probably be very disappointed. Then you'll quit.

You MUST increase your leverage. Multiply the power of your efforts by connecting with people. Joint ventures, outsourcing, Virtual Assistants, employees and business partners are all ways of extending your reach and grasp of opportunities. There's practically nothing that you could do alone that won't be improved by getting others to help you do it. The question becomes one of your willingness to reach out to others and be a worthy member of a group.

The era of the rugged individualist is over. The Internet is an Interconnected Network of people that depend on each other. The harder you make it for others to connect to you, on a personal level, the harder it will be for you to access their assets. The really big partnerships, JV deals, Master Mind groups and alliances all depend on one thing: harmony among the members. No matter what killer assets a person may have, it that person will be a source of friction and stress, forget it! Application denied!

There's a process to building a network of contacts that starts with how you present yourself. The more you are focused on being ego driven, the longer it will take for people to warm up to you. It's okay to have a dramatic or entertaining image. Just make sure that when you are giving advice or asking questions, you don't let the "brand" get in the way of useful and pleasant communication.

Knowing your own core strengths is invaluable. Any time someone wants to know something about your area of expertise, give him or her the best you know about it. Never let a chance to share your skill pass you by. Of course, you don't have to give away trade secrets or privileged information to be helpful. Keep in mind, there may be predators and scavengers waiting to prey upon unwary pack members who expose their vulnerable parts.

The nature of this kind of networking is almost contradictory. You need to give before you get. Pressing people for JV alliances without building a connection based on trust and value received is very difficult. On the other hand, getting JV offers and partnership requests may be effortless if you've already proven yourself to be a valuable source of information, help and camaraderie. In fact, you may end up in the enviable position of having to turn away most of the offers that come your way!

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