International SEO

By: Mel Joelle

As per the latest statistics, more than 1.9 billion people around the world use internet, but no more than 535 million users read or speak English. Therefore, for this reason, the international SEO is now fast gaining the popularity as a sure way to attract the new customers. By limiting yourself to just few English speaking regions, you are actually limiting your business wherein you are not reaching out to the non English speaking populace, who might be interested in purchasing your products.

From amongst the worldwide internet users, more than 654 million people are from the Asian region. This is much more than any other continent in this world. In the China, which is the most populous country of this world, the number of people who are surfing the internet has soared at the rate exceeding 690 % since the year 2002. This

is already changing the financial landscape and the internet is soon to follow suit.

Level Playing Field

In order to understand the importance of the international SEO, one has to understand the working of the internet in its entirety. A vast network of networks wherein there are millions of computers and billions of pages of information. This has a globalizing effect where the real world borders now rarely matter.

In the English internet marketplace, you can easily get the relevant internet technologies that can be used for enhancing the reach as well as business. This has leveled the business field in a sense that millions of smaller companies with a lesser advertising budget are successfully competing with the much bigger and well funded conglomerates having a very high marketing budget.

With the penetration of the internet to the new non-English areas of the world, many new internet marketing opportunities have arisen leading to a surging demand for the international SEO.

International SEO

With all these changes we now have many new challenges and exciting marketing opportunities on the internet from various geographic areas of the world. Now, the international SEO will be the first preference for all those who intend to address to the needs of their global audience and generate sales from various countries around the world.

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