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By: Mel Joelle

With an explosion in the growth of internet around the world, today more than 1.7 billion people use it everyday for various purposes. Of these, only 570 million users can speak or read English. Therefore, International SEO is fast gaining popularity as a way to get new customers from the different geographic areas of the world. All those businesses who are not reaching out to these valuable non-English customers are actually losing out on them as they may be interested in buying their products or services.

Of all the internet users in the world, about 660 million of them are situated in the Asian region and this figure is quite large as compared to any other continent. There has been dramatic rise in the online community in China and this growth has occurred at a rate of 710 % since 2001. This has greatly impacted the financial markets and internet is about to follow suit.

Level playing field

Internet should be considered in its entirety; that is a vast network of networks, consisting of millions of computers and people where billions of bytes of data continue to flow on the daily basis across the globe. Internet actually has a globalizing effect where real world borders have ceased to exist anymore. If there is any constraint, it is regarding the language.

In the English speaking internet marketplace, the evolving technologies have significantly leveled the paying field for various types and size of businesses. Now a company with the limited marketing budget enjoys the same opportunities in marketing as are enjoyed by a big company with millions of dollars as marketing budget.

Aside from this, now our English speaking marketplace has become somewhat saturated with all the marketing tactics. Internet users in the rest of the world are fast catching up and now English speaking marketplace has dwindled to just a small fraction of the actual online marketplace.

International SEO is the need of hour

So, what can we infer from all this? Well, International SEO is definitely an “in-thing” that will play a significant role in the expansion of the internet markets and will also facilitate the evolution of many new and exciting economic as well as marketing possibilities on the net. This will expose businesses to many new innovative ideas, products and technologies and will also change out target audiences to a great extent. All this is just about to happen and will be in full swing in the next couple of years.

About 70 % of world’s population doesn’t speak English. Therefore, any business that is interested in increasing its markets and sales will have to install new languages and promote them in an effective way or else they will be losing out huge revenue. All those who will adopt these International SEO marketing strategies will gain much bigger market share than their competitors.

Therefore, it is important for the businesses to develop their marketing strategy for the international markets by using International SEO to cater to the non-English speaking global markets.

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