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By: Darrick Cottrell

This game is played by four people, but three people are also allowed in this game. This game was first originated in Korea and slowly it migrated to Japan and other parts of Asia. The world 麻雀 is wrongly spelt by Westerners, and they think that it is a computer game. The 麻雀 solitaire is a unique game, which was introduced recently, and it is entirely different from the table games. This game is compared to the Western card game. This game is very tough to play, and it involves many guesses and calculations. This game can be played for recreation and it is very fun to play the game. The 麻雀 game is played by using 136 tiles, which is based on the Chinese symbols and characters. Some variations of the game involve numbers and tiles.Various rules for playing the game.

The game is played with 13 tiles in the beginning, and the players discard the tiles, till they get the right hand. There are many draws involved in the game, and the player forms a group or pair. To play the麻雀game, there are special rules, which are used to draw the tiles or steal the tiles from the players. The game is played using numbers and other dragon symbols while making the deal. The winner of the game is based upon the scoring system, the person who is the minimum hand wins the game, and this depends on the rules too. The麻雀has a unique name it is called as sparrow in the Chinese language. This game is a very time passing one, and it is played by men and women. This game is considered as domino game and it is compared to the card games, which are played in the Western countries.

The麻雀tiles is the most important part of the game, which considered as counters, which helps the players to understand the round that is being played. The tile of these games varies from different places. The original tiles come with 136 tiles where as the western one has 144 tiles. The tiles are divided in to flowers, honors and suits, and they are represented in the form of circles or dots. The honor tiles are named as suits and they are represented as winds and dragons, and they do not have any number sequence.

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Apart from this there are 麻雀 tiles, which comes with various flowers that represents the seasons. This games is played by many communities in Japan and China and this is the most happening 麻雀 for all seasons.

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