Interesting Facts about Mantis you Must Know

By: Vikram Kuamr

This article will discuss some very interesting things that you have never known about mantis. Mantis is an insect that many people see every day but will be surprised to know about some key facts that remain anonymous. Read through this piece and you will learn almost tens of fascinating facts about mantis. To start with, a big number of the mantis approximating 2, 000 species live in tropics with North America only having 18 known species. Up to 80% of the mantis from the older grouping belongs to the mantidae family. I guess very many people including you knew about this fact but itís now an open secret. The mantis has a close relation with termites and cockroaches as many people usually confuse them.

Even though they are different species of insects, the three are believed to have come from a shared ancestor explaining their resemblance. Entomologists who have been studying the evolution history of the three insects have cited some key similarities and that is a fact. Did you know that female mantis consume their mates? Yes, that is another of the facts about mantis that you must know about. It is very common for the female mantis to cannibalize their partners of the opposite sex which leads to the consummation of the existing relationship. The male mantis is beheaded making it a better lover since the brain which takes control of inhibition is detached.

Another interesting fact revolves around the manner in which mantis captures its prey. The insect unlike others uses the front legs which are specialized for that. As it prepares to capture the prey, mantis will have the front legs positioned upright in a way it will appear like its praying. That is why itís called the praying mantis. The legs are stretched very quickly once it spots a prey like bees or flies and grabs with accuracy. The legs have very sharp spines making them well suited to grab preys without fail. Many people prefer having mantis in their farms because they consume harmful insects that cause massive destruction to their crops. However, the one fact they donít know is that mantis cannot differentiate between good and bad insects as they prey on all.

For instance, you will be happy to have bees on your farm because they aid in pollination of crops like maize. Unfortunately, you will be dejected to know that the mantis will still consume them against your wishes. That is a hard-biting fact to know about this mantis insect. Out of all these facts about mantis, the most fascinating is that they have binocular vision of two compound eyes and one ear. The ear sits at the base of the belly which is very interesting to note.

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There are many unknown Facts About Mantis which you need to learn about in understanding the insect very well. You can look for an Orchid Mantis Care Sheet and it will offer you some of the information about these facts. You will definitely find all that to be very useful.

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