Interesting Facts About Coffee

By: Brenian Chew

It cannot be denied the importance and popularity of coffee not only as household commodity but also in the economy. Do you know that next to petroleum, coffee is the second top commodity in the trading industry? It gives a total of around sixty billion dollars in revenue every year from the fifty three countries that grow coffee. Though a prime commodity, not everybody knows everything about coffee.

There are many interesting facts about coffee that many people are not aware of. Brazil is the largest coffee producing country and Columbia is the second coffee producer in the world. Thirty percent of world consumption of coffee comes from Brazil. The mainland of United States of America does not grow coffee except in Puerto Rico and Hawaii wherein the weather condition is conducive for growing coffee. Since coffee is on the top list of most drink beverage, coffee houses started to open. On 1683, the first coffee was operated in Venice wherein most customers belong to the upper class of society. Since then, coffee houses were the favorite place for debate and discussions especially of topics involving politics.

Do you know that Christians do not drink coffee before because they thought that it was invented by Satan? This belief reached Rome until Pope Clement VIII tried a cup of coffee and after tasting it, blessed the coffee and then a decision was made that coffee is not a work of evil. From then on, coffee has become a favorite drink among Christians. Huge import of coffee was made in Italy and other Western countries.

Coffee has different kinds of varieties but only Robusta and Arabica are the cultivated kind. Coffee trees are only grown in places where winter does not exist. Among the varieties of coffee, the Arabica coffee is considered as the best coffee around the world. In United States alone, 52% of people above the age of eighteen drink coffee every morning and 30% of the total population of the country are occasional coffee drinkers. Regular coffee drinkers consume an average of 3 and a half cups everyday which is good health wise. Unlike the previous belief that coffee is bad for the health, in reality coffee is good for the health because it has anti-oxidant property which is good in fighting off certain diseases. Aside from the taste and aroma of coffee, its antioxidant property makes coffee popular all over the world.

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