Instilling a Love of Science in Your Child

By: ray san

A love and passion for science can give kids an educational advantage. One of the best ways to instill an early love for science into them is to introduce them to some fun science toys. Show them the fun and wonder of science through play. Encourage them to ask questions about why things happen at an early age and they will likely have a lifelong love of science. Here are some science toy suggestions that may help you do just that:

Science Kits Science kits are the most obvious choice but with so many to pick from, it can be hard to choose. For really young kids, ages 3-5, try the Sid the Science Kid kits. They come in a variety of themes including plants and why wheels are round. They are written at a level that kids that age can understand. For kids from 5-8, try Scientific Explorer kits such as Mind Blowing Science and the Magic of Science. And for older kids, Thames and Kosmos makes a bunch of science kits covering just about every topic that you could imagine. Choose one that will interest you child and make a habit of having a science hour (or half hour) once a week.

Microscope A microscope can open up an interest into another whole world. A set of slides can show them things they never realized existed. They can also make their own slides by collecting some pond water to observe or looking at their skin cells, a drop of blood, some dirt, etc. The possibilities go on and on.

Snap Circuits Introduce them to the wonders of electronics with these fun electric kits. Available in several different kits, each one has at least 100 electronic projects that kids can do. Recommended for ages 8 and up but kids as young as 6 can probably do it with a little assistance.

Nature Let them get a taste of the nature end of science. Let them grow a mini garden or purchase them a butterfly habitat, ladybug land, or ant farm and let them observe these insects for a while.

Build a robot Kids with a love of robots might enjoy building their own. Toysmith makes several robot kits including the Tin Can Robot, Brush Robot, Robot Duck, and Doodling Robot. These kits sell for less than $15 and are fun and easy to put together.

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