Installing the Right Ladder Rack for a Pickup Truck

By: Julia Bennet

It is quite common these days for pickup truck owners to install ladder racks onto their vehicles because these accessories do serve a lot of different practical functions. Despite their name, these racks can actually hold so many more things besides just ladders. They are also frequently used to hold other long items like boards, pipes that won’t normally fit into the bed of the pickup truck.

One of the first things that a pickup truck owner needs to understand before actually going out and getting a ladder rack for their vehicle is that there are several different kinds available. It is crucial to understand the differences between the many varieties so that the correct one may be chosen.

For example, there are ladder racks that are basically the same size as the truck bed and these are ideal for people who expect to use the rack for carrying a lot of things. These types of racks are mounted onto the truck by means of four sturdy poles for each of the corner of the truck bed. In addition to the immense space that can be used on the rack itself, there is still adequate space between the surface of the truck bed and the floor of the rack to contain a lot more items.

On the other hand, for those people who only plan on carrying one ladder at any given time, a smaller type of ladder rack may be used, such as one that can be attached to the side of the pickup truck instead of on top. These racks stay out of the way and allow the truck owner to place other things on the truck bed.

The size or length of the rack, as well as the number of clamps used to attach it to the truck, are also crucial factors to consider before making a choice. If heavy items are to be placed on the rack, more clamps are necessary to ensure that the rack stays securely fastened to the truck at all times.

Ladder racks also differ in terms of how they are attached to the truck. There are some that need to be permanently installed onto the truck before they can be used properly. There are also others than can easily be taken down and reinstalled whenever you need them.

The choice of which type of ladder rack to use depends largely on how frequently they will be used. Obviously, it can eventually get tiring to be constantly installing and taking down the rack so if you plan on using it a lot, it may make more sense to invest in a permanent fixture, although these are usually more expensive.

It is also important to know that there may be certain permits that a pickup truck owner would need to obtain before being able to install ladder racks or other types of accessories to their vehicle. It is advisable to check local and state regulations first before installing these additions in order to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

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