Install a HP Slate 7 screen protector

By: Axel Price

Screen protectors are thin sheets of material that are created with the purpose of protecting the screen of various electronics like smartphones, tablet computers and laptops. They are easy to apply and are practically invisible.

Protective films do not affect the functionality of electronic devices that benefit from such films. On the contrary, they provide a high level of protection and this goes not only for the electronic device in itself, but also for its user.

Users of smartphones, tablets or notebooks that spend a lot of time working or playing on their devices may have problems with their eyes, especially if they undertake these activities in areas where there is too much sunlight.

By installing a HP Slate 7 screen protector or a Hudl screen protector, users of these devices can work or play for a high number of hours on their devices, without being annoyed by sun glare. This happens because screen protectors are good not only at protecting electronic hardware, but also at keeping your eyes healthy.

To install a HP Slate 7 screen protector or a Hudl screen protector, first you have to clean the screen of your device to be able to apply the protective film on a surface that does not present dirt or dust. If any fragments of dirt get captured beneath the screen protector, they will affect the functionality of the device.

In fact, nothing should be present between the screen of your device and the screen protector, not even air bubbles. As innocent as they may appear, air bubbles could affect the commands and instructions made by the user and create a lot of headaches.

That is why, after cleaning the screen of your device with a micro fibre cleaning cloth that is usually provided along with the screen protector by its manufacturer, you have to be very careful to eliminate all the air bubbles that get formed while applying the screen protector.

Keeping air bubbles at a distance can be achieved by using a small squeegee, which is a tool that presents a blade used to eliminate air or liquid from a surface. If no small squeegee is present in your house, just use your credit or debit card to eliminate air bubbles.

At the same time, make sure to position the screen protector right, so that all wrinkles are eliminated. Just like air bubbles, wrinkles can affect the functionality of an electronic device and cause delays between the moment when you touch the screen and the moment your device responds.

There is no rocket science in installing a screen protector. However, manufacturers of screen protectors want to ensure their customers that this operation is very simple, so they provide a short list of instructions that are required to apply a screen protector correctly. Therefore, before applying a protective film, users need to read those instructions.

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