Innumerable Amazing Health Benefits of eating Avocados

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Avocados are not just delicious in taste but are also healthy and nutritious in nature. You can consume yummy avocados in many ways, which are good sources of healthy fats. Most of the people around the world just avoid avocados because they are rich in calories. After research, it is observed that avocados contain healthy fat, which is good for heart health. Avocados are overrated by people around the world due their calories quantity.

Health Benefits eating Avocados

Rich in carotenoids
Avocados are loaded with carotenoids, which are natural plant pigments. Carotenoids are well known as powerful antioxidants which protect you from the cancer, heart diseases and improve your eye vision.
In addition, carotenoids need fatty environment to absorb easily. The mixture of avocados and other fruits which are loaded with carotenoids helps your body to use antioxidants in a better way.

Lower LDL Level
LDL means bad cholesterol, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is believed that most of the cardiovascular diseases are occurred due to the high level of bad cholesterol. But avocados reduce the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol) level. The all credit goes to the oleic acid found in avocados, which damage the bad cholesterol.

Anti-cancerous properties
Avocados are richer in phytonutrients, which increase antioxidants that fight like soldiers in our body against the free radicals. There is no doubt that free radicals are contributing cancer, but the intakes of avocados, which contain antioxidants, reduce the risk of oral and prostate cancer along with other diseases.

Rich is Dietary Fibers
Constipation is a common problem which is occurred due to the lack of fibers intake. Avocados are rich source of dietary fibers which helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol and maintain blood sugar levels.

Prevent the risk of Dementia and improve brain function
Avocados improve the brain function by nourishing your brain, very similar like blueberries. In addition, avocados promote healthy blood circulation and also reduce the risk of high blood pressure. So it is clear that, this fatty fruit is also good for brain by preventing the risk of dementia naturally.

Anti-Inflammatory properties
Avocados keep the inflammation under control because they contain big portion of phytosterols that support our inflammatory system. In addition, avocados are good source of carotenoids and other nutrients, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Help in Weight loss
Most of the people are not agree with me, but it is true that avocados are useful in your weight loss journey. There is strong evidence that avocados suppress your hunger and you feel full. People who are battling with the overweight can control on their hunger by consuming avocados.

Make your heart healthy
Healthy fat in the avocados prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases by boosting good cholesterol level. In addition, good cholesterol level inside the body makes your heart health and minimizes the risk of stroke.

Rich in Folate and prevent birth defects
The intake of avocados especially in the pregnant time prevents the risk of birth defects because it loaded with the folate. In addition, the intake of folic acid prevents the damage of body cells and reduces the risk of cancer too.

Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals
Most of people believe that bananas contain more potassium as compare to avocados. But avocados are richer in potassium as compare to bananas and also rich in Vitamin K, B5 and B6. In addition it is a rich source of vitamin c, which enhances your body immune strength.

Avocados seeds are also used in the kitchen and having healing properties. In addition, avocados seeds are also used for medicinal purposes; mostly these seeds are used in the diarrhea and dysentery remedies. But remember, that extreme intake of avocados are good for your health.

Note: - We all know that avocados are rich in healthy fats, minerals and vitamins, but overeating avocados may leads to health complications like, overweight, nutrient deficiencies and
weight gain.

Health risks of eating too much Avocados
It is necessary to eat avocados in moderate amount to reduce the risk of diseases.

Weight gain
Avocados are rich source of dietary fat, and 1 avocado offered almost 30 gm fat and 322 calories. So avoid overeating of avocados because you can suffer with the unwanted weight gain.

It is not common, but excess intake of avocados can cause awful side effects as per research reports. It is observed that eating excess amount of avocados can cause allergy like coughing, edema, nasal stuffiness and wheezing. If you experience any symptoms after the excess intake of avocados then consult with physician.

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