Innovation in Creation of Questions and Quizzes

By: Siva Kumar

Why do you need to play quiz? Why would you need a tool for creation of E learning content? Who would benefit from such a platform? What’s for schools / teachers / parents? What analytics should I look at? These are all some good questions the teachers, students & parents consider asking for.

Most of these questions can be answered or perhaps is answered by different people in different geographies. For example, Bhavana is in her 10th Grade, who wishes to learn and explore, let’s say she wants to prepare for a science olympiad, now there could be various websites (Search Google) which could offer her test or mock up questions. Here Bhavana goes ahead & downloads all the questions, prints it out or just reads it and might probably answer them in her note book. Once we get technology in this, we can make things easier to live with & learn quicker (Interest based learning). It would be self driven where problem solving, innovation and creativity are the driving factors.

Introducing Centrifuge, which would help teachers & students to create content effortlessly, quiz, & learn. Intuitive UI, and step-by-step menu guide, makes it easier to create compelling and engaging e-learning that gets people motivated to learn & excel. Students like Bhavana can attend mock up tests, learn quickly and assess their performance. With Centrifuge reporting capabilities teachers or parents can track performance or set and assign mock up tests or home work.

We know time is of essence, this provides a platform to students who can learn and assess anytime anywhere by playing these quizzes of various types (Std, Smart or Adaptive in nature) on their smart phones, tablets, laptops etc.. They get to see their global ranking with students who have attended that quiz. This provides a constructive approach to learning, here the users or the learners play a vital role as creators of knowledge artifacts which in turn can be shared in their community or made public for educators around the world to see and use. In turn students or learners can utilize the package, access the content, write reviews of the package and spread the word to their friends..Think of the opportunity as similar to being able to learn and attend mock ups for Olympiad, or be it preparing for IIT or CA..Only now you can do wherever if you have a laptop, a tablet or a PC.

We were talking to a teacher recently - she said these days students usually know more than they do when it comes to using new digital technologies, they are now technophiles.

Makers of Brainistic, who believe that there is now an increasing influence of digital environment on youth, and learning now has become practical are launching a new product called “Centrifuge” which is a collaborative platform allowing authors, educationists, teachers, students, publishers, faculty, and universities to create compelling content effortlessly, quiz, & learn. This would be available on web & mobile devices. Brainistic is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

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