Ink Cartridges - Go Genuine

By: SA Perillo

Ink Cartridges that are not genuine comes at half the prices. Hence itís natural for one to question why they have to shell out twice the money to buy genuine ink cartridges. Rather than saying that using ink cartridges that are not genuine do not make sense, let me list out some of their major flaws.

Genuine cartridges outperform their not-genuine counterparts by a huge margin. If your ink cartridge is not shelling out its optimal performance, chances are that this are some fake counterpart duped you. Fake ink cartridges fail to provide sharp and crystal clear printing, and most are able to provide only dim photography. Tonor dust, leaks and ink streaks are some of the indications of fake cartridges and put in restrictions in their performances. Though fake products do come cheap, they shall not be followed by any warranty or guaranty. Plus, their average lifetime is less than a couple of months.

A genuine ink cartridge shall keep the print output at peak quality. Chances for toner dust, leaks and streaks are very low. They are able to provide high quality photography. Even though they may sound expensive when compared with fake products, they are covered by both warranty and guaranty. They are not susceptible to problems, commonly seen in fake products. From the studies that various organizations have carried out, it was seen that fake ink fail more than 7 times out of 10. At the same time, genuine ink cartridge is not expected to fail at least once.

You can also tell whether a cartridge is original or fake by comparing the production codes both on the cartridge box and the cartridge itself. For HP cartridges, the first five production symbols on the box and the cartridge casing must match. If they do not match, then you have a fake cartridge on your hands. Also, you will realize that major ink cartridge manufacturers usually use protective tape on their cartridges; therefore, if this tape is missing, then you should think twice before buying this cartridge. But you have to note that some counterfeit ink cartridges are pretty hard to notice; in such a case, simply use the cartridge, and the printer software on your computer will then inform you whether the ink cartridge you are using is fake or original.

Cheap ink fail to produce the same copies that genuine ink can do. Though you may think that you may save a bit with fake ink, experiences of past customers suggest a different story. Fake ink shall bring down the life of your printer. So by the time you make your turn to genuine ink, you may have to buy yourselves a new printer too!

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