Infrared Saunas: Comparison of Carbon and Ceramic Heating Panels

By: Chris Robertson

If you're in the market for a home sauna, you might be wondering if you should buy a carbon far infrared (FIR) sauna or a ceramic-based sauna. Carbon heating panels in a home sauna may work best because they seem to offer better results for sauna detox and relaxation. Let's compare carbon and ceramic saunas to see which might fit your needs.

Heating Technology and Distribution

Carbon heating panels have a faster warm-up time, usually warming within 15 to 20 minutes. Ceramic panels, however, take longer to warm up...generally within 35 to 40 minutes. This causes more power usage for your home while the sauna is warming. With fast-heating carbon panels, you could enjoy up to 30 percent or more in energy savings.

In most product comparisons, carbon heating panels have a larger surface area composed of thin, but wider, carbon plates, which help the infrared sauna to distribute the heat more evenly. This eliminates "hot spots" that often plague owners of ceramic infrared home saunas.

The average surface temperature for a carbon heating panel is less than 392 degrees Fahrenheit, but the surface temperature averages 527 degrees Fahrenheit for ceramic panels. With a cooler surface temperature, you can safely lean against carbon panels without burning. Depending on the brand and type of infrared sauna you buy, both carbon- and ceramic-based saunas can offer high emissivity, which is the degree with which electromagnetic waves are emitted. These offer similar benefits for the skin and body as natural sunlight, but without harmful UV rays.

Another notable difference is carbon heating panels for infra red saunas are less fragile than ceramic panels because they are flexible. Ceramic panels are more likely to break during transport.

More Carbon Infrared Sauna Benefits

Other features you might find on the latest carbon infrared saunas that are not usually found with ceramic saunas include: chromotherapy (color/light infrared sauna therapy), thick tongue and groove with seamless design, solid wood products, a heat resistant interior CD player or DVD player, and a lifetime warranty on many carbon products.

No matter which type you choose, infrared sauna benefits far outweigh traditional steam or Finnish style saunas. The offer less toxins, a heavy sweat volume (about seven times more than a hot air sauna), they're not likely to mold or mildew, and they offer comfortable heating that's radiant and dry. There is also data to show that infrared saunas offer many health benefits such as cellulite removal, improved circulation, detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, and lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Use these tips and the vast information about infrared saunas provided on the Web to find a great home sauna or even a 2-person sauna to fit your lifestyle. It's time to indulge and invest in your own well being!

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