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Nose is a very important organ of our body. Nose also plays an effective part to make one look beautiful and appealing. Sometimes, people are born with imperfect nose. They want to avail the cosmetic surgery known as Rhinoplasty to rectify and reconstruct the shape of their nose. Today, with Rhinoplasty in India the plastic surgeons of our country too are making successful attempts to repair the deformities in the structure of the nose. Kolkata is the hub of medical tourism in India, so the latest techniques of Rhinoplasty in Kolkata can benefit many people. Structurally our nose consists of bones and cartilages. The skin of the human nose has subcutaneous tissues and very thin sheets of muscles attached to it.

The term Rhinoplasty originated from the Greek word ‘rhis’ which basically means nose and ‘plassein’ means to shape. Therefore, Rhinoplasty means to shape the nose. It is a plastic surgery procedure that is applied to correct and reconstruct the nose of the patient. Most people opt for this surgery to make their nose look aesthetically pleasant. It is a field of surgery that requires immense knowledge of medical work as well as art work. To give a proper shape to the nose of the patients, a plastic surgeon certainly requires some aesthetic sense. He needs to analyze the best possible nose for a particular face and then go ahead with the entire procedure of nose reconstruction.

The range of repair works that can be done on human nose, include correction of congenital defect, nasal trauma (blunt, penetrating, blast) and alteration of bone, cartilage and thinning the subcutaneous tissue (tissue just under the skin). Sometimes only the tip, dorsum of the nose or two soft bulges bordering nostril apertures of people require alteration. Just like all plastic surgeries Rhinoplasty too should be done after the growth of the nose is complete because with growing age natural and gradual remodelling takes place. So, if the surgery is done earlier, the changes may not be permanent.

It is also relevant to wait for the natural growth process to get over, as till then many people will not know even about their nose defects. Many people think that an upright and prominent nose is the epitome of beauty, but they do not think of the type of face they have. The face is looked up as whole structure and the nose should balance it perfectly. Nose of a man and a woman actually are of different shapes. A male nose on a female face will definitely look very odd. It may also happen at times that the nose of a person is just perfect, but only his/her chin should be altered a little to bring out the balance in his/her nose. Sometimes even an alteration in the dental arch may do the trick. This analysis is the basis of a Rhinoplasty in India as well as in other parts of the world. Today, Rhinoplasty in Kolkata is very common among all classes of women. Many celebs, models, actors and actresses have gone under the knife to get a perfect nose, so that they can enhance their beauty.

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