Information Security Compliance Update: Have You Heard about Upcoming FTC Regulations Concerning Small Business PCI - Red Flag Compliance?

By: Chris Robertson

Identity theft within the PCI (Payment Card Industry) is running rampant today. And it seems no matter how secure you try to keep your online business, theft still occurs. Thieves are getting smarter and have learned to develop software that can get around most any security system. You have to stay on top of your company's security demands to keep your information safe. That's why the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is cracking down on identity theft by demanding that all businesses - no matter how small - become Red Flag Compliant. PCI Security Data Standard and Red Flag Compliance form a type of information security compliance that ensures privacy, safety and trust with customers.

When you gather data from customers, whether it's their credit card information, personal address or phone number, driver's license number, etc. you may be putting them at risk of identity theft through your company's computer system. Online payment sites are required to store customers' data in secure, encrypted files, but even these can sometimes be penetrated by "technically smart" thieves. The FTC is requiring even home businesses that accept payments online to maintain a strict code of ethics regarding how they receive, process and store customers' data. That's why it's important to familiarize yourself with FTC Red Flag Compliance regulations and stay up-to-date with the ever-changing PC security requirements for your business.

Protect Yourself - Info Safe Can Help

Thankfully, there are affordable ways to get your small business Red Flag compliant and keep it that way. A company called Invisus has developed an amazing software to lock down private data. It is called Info Safe. Info Safe helps keep your small business compliant with federal, state and industry data security laws and regulations. It promotes privacy, safety and trust with your customers.

Just a few of the features Info Safe offers include technical and administrative safeguards to keep thieves and hackers out, protection against liabilities and consequences of security breaches, protection of your customer's data, bank accounts, private information and employee information, and compliance of FTC regulations to avoid fines and penalties.

With Info Safe, you can enjoy peace of mind with its wireless security, amazing firewall configuration, OS security and penetration testing. All these equal safety and trust for your company's employees, customers and vendors.

Info Safe also enables your company to grow safely and securely as you build customer loyalty. You'll receive around-the-clock technical support for your entire computer operation and eliminate down time. No more worry about unexpected viruses, spyware or malware. Info Safe covers all the bases when it comes to your business computer operations. You'll also enjoy the benefits of PC and data disposal as well as military-grade hard drive deletion. Info Safe operates on a monthly payment system with a full computer security and technical service for your business. Your company will become Info Safe Certified, which is a highly recognized certification in the PC security industry.

So as you consider whether or not your business is PCI and Red Flag Compliant, keep in mind that information security compliance should not be taken lightly. Your customers depend on you for safety and security as they order your products. Your business can't function or prosper without the loyalty and trust of your customers. And as the laws concerning information security compliance are being tightened down by the FTC, you can't afford to ignore this crucial aspect of your business.

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