Infertility - Issues and How to Deal with the Problem in the Scientific Way

By: James K. Johnson

There are many couples who desperately want a child but canít conceive even after trying for a prolonged period. Do you want to have a cute little baby in your arms who is the outcome of your love for each other, your own image? Do you long to hear sounds of a small child in your house? Are you among those who are in line to know what procedures to follow and what methods to use to conceive? Infertility has become one of the nagging problems to you then it is right time that you take initiative for fertility treatments.

There can be umpteen numbers of reasons for infertility but this doesnít mean you have to fret over them. There are measures too to handle infertility causes and medical science has made it possible for such couples to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Itís a delicate issue so several precautions and complete awareness is necessary beforehand.

The time frame in which a couple should try the normal procedure to conceive, that is try unprotected sex is about a year. The couple should consult a doctor, a gynecologist who specializes in infertility issues. Then after a year of trying and waiting if nothing happens the couple could try out the IVF treatment. But before getting into the details of the treatment, its procedure, cost, clinic and consequences the patients should be aware of the causes or the reasons why they cannot get pregnant despite trying all the natural ways to conceive. Here is a list that one can form as a guide towards the reasons why fertility is reduced.

Infertility is defined as the inability of a person to conceive. Or, it can also mean that a woman cannot remain pregnant for the full length and undergoes a miscarriage in the middle. There are basically three causes of infertility that are very common.

The first cause is ovulation and egg quality. If the patient has poor egg quality, irregular ovulation and is unable to ovulate due to hormonal imbalance then the patient is suffering from this kind of cause. These problems affect older people and the ones who have a lot of stress and tension in life. The patient after knowing the causes can go for hormone check and go ahead with therapy or go for medical assistance like having fertility drugs, IVF or use donor eggs.

It is an old adage that only women are infertile but there are men who can also be infertile equally. In men also there are equal amount of causes for infertility. They are poor quality of sperm, low sperm motility (the ability of a sperm to move), semen deficiency and lack of sperm count. Other problems are blockage in vas deferens or epididymis. For this the couple should use fertility drugs or use donor sperm or try IVF.

This final type covers a marginal amount of cases and includes recurring miscarriage; endometriosis i.e. "blocked tubes" which is in fact responsible for various unexplainable conditions and body disorders.

One should always discuss probable solutions and treatments with your doctor, who will show you the way to an infertility specialist if necessary. But remember always to consult a doctor first before going to the IVF clinic on your own.

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