Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts: Affordable Ways to Please the Mother-to-Be

By: Trevor Mulholland

Youve been invited to a baby shower and tradition dictates that you bring a gift. But if youre on a limited budget, you might find that some of the most beautiful gifts out in the market are out of your price range. This should not make you despondent. You can still give the mother-to-be appreciate your presence at the shower more even with inexpensive baby shower gifts. The saying is true, Its the thought that counts. But just because a gift is inexpensive does not mean that it is cheap or ugly; its up to you, the giver, to make affordable baby shower gifts special and memorable.

Perhaps some of the most inexpensive baby shower gifts are the ones that you can make yourself. It could be something as simple as collecting pictures of the mother-to-be during her pregnancy and to make a scrapbook with those pictures. Or for a sentimental touch, you can compose a short poem, have it printed or written in an attractive hand, and frame it. Your writing doesnt need to be on a level with that of Shakespeare; as long as it comes from the heart, it is priceless and will likely be appreciated.

Or if you are able to think up a tune or two, why not make a CD recording of childrens lullabies and give that as a gift? You could play the musical instruments yourself (if you are so inclined) or have friends or other family members play them. Or if you have been gifted with the voice of an angel, singing a series of lullabies for the angel about to be born is especially apt.

There are many inexpensive and affordable gift options from which to choose, and many of these are novelty items that are sure to delight and please the parent-to-be. Take, for instance, the candles at Best Baby Shower. The candles they offer come in shapes ranging from baby bottles to baby carriages. If you want to tickle the parents funny bone, you can go for infants clothing from Cafepress, which have humorous inscriptions on them (I may be little, but Ive got attitude or Spit-Up Happens, to name a few). A baby outfit from this site can be bought for as low as $10.99, while a tote bag (great for carrying baby items) costs only $15.99.

Books are another inexpensive baby shower gift option. Studies have shown that the earlier a child is exposed to books, the better. Obviously, an infant will not be able to read a book, but that poses no problem. You can give books of nursery rhymes or stories that mom or dad can read to the child. Better yet, you can give soft, plush books made of cloth. These are safe for the baby to handle (and chew). They will help coordinate the childs hand-eye coordination and facilitate his ability to focus visually on an object.

Picture frames are especially good as affordable baby shower gifts. They come in all shapes and sizes, and if youre a savvy shopper, you can get several at a very low price. Try to make sure, though, that the frames are in different sizes. Parents and grandparents are prone to taking a lot of pictures of the infant, especially during the first years. Showcasing these pictures in frames of different sizes makes for an attractive room or rooms.

Having a practical frame of mind when it comes to affordable baby shower gifts is always a good thing. And many of these gifts are available at a very low price. For instance, a set of baby bottles and bottle washer would come in handy. Or perhaps a set of baby bath accessories and supplies: baby soap and shampoo, baby towels, and a bath toy would make a lovely gift. For a more festive air, you can place these practical and inexpensive baby shower gifts in an attractive bag or basket and tie a piece of ribbon on the handle. Giving very practical items such as diapers is also a good idea. The disposable diaper gift pack from Storks Choice is especially attractive; a one-month gift pack (consisting of 240 diapers for newborns) costs only $49, and it is shipped directly to the childs home.

Finding and buying inexpensive baby shower gifts can be a lot of fun, and it can be very rewarding. Its especially fulfilling if you see your gift bring expressions of pleasure to the parents-to-be, especially since you didnt have to burn a hole in your pocket to achieve that.

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