Industrial Air Conditioning Systems

By: Mel Joelle

Industrial air conditioning systems are very similar to residential air conditioning systems. They cool the air and maintain constant climate control with the same mechanical functions as residential air conditioning systems. However, industrial air conditioning systems obviously operate on a much larger scale than residential air conditioning systems.

Maintaining industrial air conditioning system is a major task, mainly due to the sheer enormity of the systems. Air conditioning software is frequently used to manage the systems. This software will remind users to perform important air conditioning system maintenance at specific intervals. Even though the computer mentions when service should be performed on industrial air conditioning systems, qualified technicians must be the ones to actually perform the maintenance and upkeep. Just as with a residential air conditioning system, if one tiny piece of the system is missing or malfunctioning, it can stop the entire system from working. On a residential scale, this means that the house will not be air conditioned. As irritating as this is, it is not usually going to be detrimental. However, on the industrial level, this can be a major catastrophe. If an industrial air conditioning system were to stop working, an entire warehouse would be without air conditioning and could overheat. In the case of an industrial warehouse that houses products that need to be in a climate controlled environment, this can mean lots of money would be lost in spoiled products.

Furthermore, air conditioning systems do more than simply keep the air cool in the building. They also filter the air and ensure that harmful bacteria and microorganisms, such as mold, do not circulate through the air in the building. Without a functional air conditioning system, there is no way to filter all of the air in the building. This can become a major health concern, especially since bacteria and mold grow so quickly.

For these reasons it is vitally important that the proper industrial air conditioning system be installed from the very beginning. Having to deal with system failures can lead to lost time in production and lost money both in repairs and in revenue. Therefore, it is a far more wise financial decision to spend more in the short term on a quality industrial air conditioning system than to get an inexpensive air conditioning system that has problems later on.

Additionally, upkeep and maintenance must be regularly performed on all air conditioning systems. This is especially true for industrial air conditioning systems, since there is no such thing as small issue when dealing with industrial air conditioning systems. Any problem that arises with an industrial air conditioning system is going to have massive implications. It is imperative that only highly qualified technicians work on industrial air conditioning systems. Some companies hire technicians and make them staff members. Other companies have chosen to outsource the upkeep and maintenance of air conditioning maintenance and repair technicians. Both choices have their merits and drawbacks, so it is important that all possible options are weighed before committing to any particular option for an extended period of time.

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