Indian Mythological Stories - Lord Rama and Sita

By: King of Ayodhya

When I first saw this book up for review, I was very excited to read it. The first real book I had read, other than comics was Ramayana, and I was really inspired by it. I loved how the people there lived in such a different way and how there was love all around. The respect, Rama had for his parents, was all so inspiring. So as soon as I saw that this book was up for reviews, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

As soon as I got this book, I started to read, and trust me, I was totally taken away into a different era. Ravi Venu has written this book in such an interesting way that makes the reader feel as if the whole story is taking place right in front of their eyes.

Unlike many other Ramayana Books, This story in this book starts when Rama is much older. It starts when Rama is telling about his story to his family and Friends.

The book is consisted of many twists and turns, which leaves the reader wanting to not stop reading. The curiosity is at a high level, as this story deviates a little from The Ramayana.

The biggest Twist is the character of Kaikeyi. At first I was confused reading it but then when I kept on going further I got the gist of it. The thought he has put behind this is real nice, but the thing is it really shows another part of her personality like that of a warrior princess.

In the beginning the story talks about the lesson Rama and his brothers learn from the great sage Vishwamitra. Then it moves on to the part where Rama is at the age of marriage and then Sita comes into the story. Story Of Sita And RamaThis part of the story is totally fantastic because in this age the meaning of love is lost and its become just a word, but this book brings out the undying love and affection they both shared.

The book also brings out the love shared by the brothers Rama and Lakshmana. The Respect Lakshmana had for Rama and the way he always listened to Rama, shows the affection between siblings and teaches us that, we are always meant to be together and help each other out throughout our lives.

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