Indian Food Recipes: History and Nutritional facts about Indian Food Recipes

By: Robert Thomson

For centuries, south Asian region has been rich in its traditions, cultures and resources and rich with its delicious food recipes and spices. For the reason, this region attracted various years, the region lure various different campaigners and soldiers to occupy the region over centuries. Starting from 14th century, moghuls emperors occupied and ruled on this region for three centuries. Then Vasco De Gama of Portugal and Christopher Columbus came and ruled on this region and all this happened because of delicious Indian food recipes and vast variety of spices in sub continent.
Vast chances have been made and wasted, powerful rulers won it, nations have been discovered and illnesses cured. Food recipes and Spices have always shed a spell on our thoughts. Spices butter up our mind and senses; our view with their lively colors, our smell with their attractive aromas and our taste with their different exclusive flavors.
Nowadays, India is well known for its delicious food recipes and spices in all over the world. India is also popular for exporting the wide range of delicious spices in the world. The major south-west, western, south and south-east has hot weather climates, north and north-west are dry with less moisture and east and north-east have primarily high rainy weather conditions.
No doubt Indian food recipes are well liked by every one through out the world because they are rich in texture and taste and are low fat food. Though, another great advantage and benefit of these Indian foods is that they are cooked with great spices, healthy oil and many others that constitute them fit and healthy diet for all sort of people. Now let us discuss more about the facts of Indian Food:

1. First reality about Indian food recipes is that are fully encumbered with antioxidants: because the Indian recipes are made with the help of many spices that protects the people from arthritis, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer.

2. Indian Foods are rich in Protein: Indian food are cooked with many grians like dried bens, lentils, legumes, black eye beans, chickpeas and kidney bean etc. All of them are greatly rich in vitamins, protein, and low in fat and dietary fiber, minerals and these foods are heart friendly. These all of these food grains help greatly in making the food item low fat and rich in protein. These foods are helpful in reducing the chances of colon cancer, and cancers of stomach and mouth.

3. All Indian Food Recipes are hand made: it is reality that all Indian food is cooked by Indian people with the assistance of their hands and good experience in cooking. This will make the food recipe more luscious and delicious.

4. All Indian food recipes are really low priced but of high standard and tastier in taste that let the people of the world to save their money and making their healthy diet to stay strong and fit.

5. Indian Food items have very low calories and this assists the people to eat them easily without any hesitation and worry about fat or any other problems.

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