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It's not enough for advertisers to get pitches and prospects only, but to follow people who have opted into the tracking as well. Very few of us know that at least 950 out of every 1,000 Internet ads still land in front of people who aren't interested in that particular product. With free classified ads online, this wastage of resources and efforts can be saved. For an example: If an entity starts a pet-food company and wants to target people who have a pet and are willing to pay a premium to feed it. We can identify those people with some best online classified sites. If one can meet its target audience, then why do you need to reach anyone else? A study found that Internet users on average, 14 times more likely to click on an advertisement, if it is a classified. Now a question arises, under privacy concerns, will many Internet users opt to post free classified ads online? According to a survey by a consultancy that specializes in Internet privacy issues, two-thirds of Internet users believe better targeted ads would be less annoying, and 45% would share personal information in exchange in case of relevance. It's not only the Internet that poised a bastion of highly targeted advertising, but the trend of targeted advertising is starting to break-through the masses. Alternatively known as promotional initiative by an individual, classified advertising came all the way from classified ads for jobs to other modern categories like Classified Ads For Real Estate Understanding the power of more customer- centric promotion, the conventional mass marketing on television is taking the steps to offer more focused advertising experience. For market leaders and other companies, rolling out technology has been proved an efficient tool to measure more accurately the exposed audience. There is no doubt that free classified ads online are here to stay. Many research organizations are cross-referencing classified viewer information, taking consumer behavior data into account and reports seem to support best online classified sites. Classified advertising establish a network that pinpoints viewers, not just by age or income, but also by products they are looking for

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With ever increasing benefits, this new digital medium of classifieds provides any web user to Post Free Classified Ads Online, by their own. There is no doubt that in days to come, we will see few more additions in countless reimbursement of classified advertising.

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