Increasing the longevity of pool tables Australia

By: Gautam Punja

Pool tables from Australia are enjoying widespread popularity today because of their impeccable design and choice of materials used. It costs a fortune to buy some of the best pool tables Sydney, but you can be assured of good value for money since these tables can be passed down through the generations without a single scratch. One common assumption is that it takes hours to clean the pool tables and maintain them in their prime. The fact is that it takes minimal time and effort to maintain pool tables Australia in their prime. All you need to complete this task are a pool brush, two soft lint free cotton cloths, a vacuum clear, table wax and anti termite polish.

Cleaning billiard balls
Before embarking on the task of cleaning the pool tables, it is important to clean the billiard balls. Remove them from the pockets and align them in a straight line, ready to be cleaned. Take a bowl of warm water and dip one lint free cloth in it and squeeze out the excess water. Using this damp cloth wipe the balls and then follow it up by wiping them dry with the other lint free cloth. Pack them away neatly in their storage case until the need to use them arises.

Cleaning the playing surface
The felt is the most important part of the pool table and needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent any damage. In case of spillage, clean the felt immediately using an absorbent cloth. Do not use any detergent or laundry brush to eliminate stains. Instead, dab the stained portion gently with a damp absorbent cloth to remove the stain. Pool tables Australia in commercial establishments have to be cleaned on a daily basis. A special brush called the pool table brush, with long bristles at the corners and short bristles in the middle, needs to be used to perform this task. Start from the rails and move inwards in short circular motions. Direct the fine dust particles to the nearest table pocket. Use gently motions and refrain from scrubbing too hard since the felt is thin and can tear easily under pressure. If you have an outdoor pool table, ensure you wipe the vinyl playing bed neatly using the damp cotton cloth and follow it up with a dry cloth to remove excessive moisture. Make sure you cover keep the playing surface covered when the pool table is not in use.

Cleaning the pockets
Once the balls and playing surface are cleaned thoroughly well, it is time to proceed to the pockets. Upturn the pockets gently to remove the tiny debris and dust particles. Bring out the vacuum cleaner to clean the pockets and eliminate any fine dust, lest it finds its way back to the playing bed. Run the vacuum cleaner along the rails as well and its rubber cushioning too. Wipe the rails clean with the damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth to remove the residual moisture.

Legs and frames
The legs are the critical components of pool tables Sydney and utmost care should be taken to prevent damage. Wiping the frame and legs of the table regularly is recommended. Twice a year, ensure you apply table wax to lock in the inherent moisture of the wood and prevent it from becoming brittle. Follow it up with a coat of anti-termite polish to prevent damage due to termite attacks.

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