Increase your conversions

By: Hollis Ashalintubbi

If you need to get more sales from your website or sales letter then listen up.

The following tips can help you to turn more visitors into buyers.

The emotional headline

In the world of "killer headlines" there is one type of headline that I have returned to again and again when it comes to getting more sales out of a sales page. If you can capture the emotional feeling of your customer in your headline this can really help improve conversions.

If you're in the golf market for example you may be able to capture their frustration at the game. If you're in the depression market you may be able to capture how fed up they are with the illness.

When you can accurately capture how the customer is feeling you are well on the way to capturing the sales.

When an ad is not an ad

I worked on a sales letter recently that increases by 400% after changing one simple thing. The website had a glaring header that was a very fancy graphic. It just screamed "ad" at the top of its voice. Removing the header can really help crank up those sales sometimes.

Caring about your customer

When I work on a sales letter I always make sure early on that the customer knows that I am on their side and they know the reason I am on their side in the lead of the sales letter. The reason for me caring about their outcome could be anything but it needs to be believable. If the customer believes that you have their best interest at heart you are well on your way to making a sale.

The deadline

It's kind of hard to write good scarcity these days but there are ways to do it effectively. One way that is believable and can add real value in the eyes of your customer is add some kind of support function to your product or service. If for example you have an email support function you now have a legit able reason for limiting the number of people who can buy your service or product.

Creating curiosity

Without reverting to blind copy one way to practically guarantee more sales for your product or service is to make sure that you create a reason for your customer to keep reading your page or to keep listening to your sales letter. As you read a the letter make sure you keep creating curiously as you move down the letter so people are more lightly to get to end and hear what you have to sell them.

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