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By: lan Smith

There are people who would patiently wait for their hen to lay the golden eggs and then hatch them, but there are just some who cannot wait and take everything by their hands. You should be the latter, especially that you are dealing with online marketing.

The ways of online marketing is not far from the normal face to face marketing. In fact, they can be used at the same time and by the same people to rally on a campaign and to turn up sales or profit at the shortest possible time. But if your business is online, there is very little chance for you to do face to face marketing because definitely, your target buyers or customers are basically online. Say you are doing a video campaign on Youtube to generate views, which in turn, will generate traffic to your site that will turn up a sale. Online marketing can effectively make this campaign faster for you to increase Youtube views and come up with the desired outcome.

So, how does it work? Online marketing is a discipline of a handful of effective methods in turning up profit. On Youtube, the most effective way to increase Youtube views is by bombarding users and viewers with links and ads that will send them to your video campaign. All you have to do is make a little search engine optimization or simply SEO. This is the process of turning up leads from hundred folds of traffic in your site or your video itself. Links, searches, and clicks are among the very many other fastest ways to direct traffic to your video.

The business in this comes in two ways: 1) you get to send traffic to your site, and 2) you get t5o be noticed online. First, you get traffic for your site, which is probably what your Youtube video is all about. When users visit your site, this is called traffic which is converted to income if you have paid ads and reviews on that site. If your site is a selling site, this traffic can successfully turn up a sale and eventually, profit for you. Second, if you are simply marketing your video, the high number of viewers on your video can send attention to businessmen who will eventually partner with you and add ads on your video in exchange of a premium.

But to do that, you have to learn the ins and outs of Youtube. This video portal has become very sensational over the years because of its very effective and interesting guidelines of ending up on their ‘honor roll’, which is basically a roster of videos that are optimized on their page for free. To be one, you have to reach the maximum number of clicks, likes, searches, comments, rates, and favorites from the millions of its users. All of these procedures can be optimized to increase Youtube views and to end up on the site’s top position. That is why Youtube has since become a business partner of most online marketers.

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