Increase Your Metabolism Through Exercise

By: Jonathon Hardcastle

If you believe that the excess weight around your waistline is a product of poor metabolism, you are probably right. Low levels of metabolism are indeed a serious cause of keeping those extra fat cells trapped in your body. But do not panic. Metabolism levels can change and this is why you should be familiar with what metabolism is and how you can accelerate its function.

At some point in your life you must have encountered an incident of someone eating repeatedly large quantities of food without gaining weight. Although frustrating, it is true that genes play a crucial role in determining a body's predisposition to handle the excess amount of calories consumed. But recent studies have showed that poor eating habits and low levels of exercise have increased the problem of obesity and combined with low metabolism levels people experience tremendous difficulties in reducing that extra weight. Especially when summer period approaches, an increased number of overweight people attempt, although usually unsuccessfully, to loose the extra pounds they have gained during the winter months and kept hidden under those heavy attires. Thus, exactly before having to cool down that summer heat in crowded beaches, people realize that the light summer wardrobe needs a fitter body and a well-trained metabolism system. If you want to enjoy an ice-cream without gaining excess body mass, the secret is to maintain throughout the year a good metabolic rate.

The human metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories your body uses on a daily basis, is actually determined by three factors. First, your body needs the necessary amounts of energy for vital body processes. Second, you need energy to burn when you perform any kind of physical activity. Last, the calories you consume are needed to digest the food you intake. Combined, these three factors constitute your total metabolic rate. Depending on your eating and exercise habits you can improve your metabolic efficiency levels and feel, look and actually be healthy.

But be aware that being skinny is far away from being healthy. Nutritionists and dieticians support that your body needs fat cells, as long as they are kept under control. Since fat cells are your body's storage room, where extra energy is saved in case of an emergency, reducing them in lower levels that the ones suggested by experts can cause serious problems related to boniness. Unfortunately, the body does not stop producing fat cells, even when the needed safe energy zone is attained. That is why exercise is actually the best way to increase your metabolism rates and help your organism burn the extra fat cells stack around your waistline and destroying your figure. By reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass, metabolism increases and aids in the weight-loss battle. That is because muscle tissue needs more calories to work than fat tissue due to their higher metabolic rate. Swimming, walking, and cycling can speed up your metabolism and you will continue burning calories for an extra 4 to 8 hours after you complete exercising. So, stop stalling and start walking. You are steps away from acquiring the figure of your dreams.

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