Increase Your Cash Flow Discover 5 Reasons Landing Pages Will Improve Your Business

By: Laura Patton

Previously in "Lead Generation 101" we discussed the importance of using a landing page or capture page to open up a conversation with your prospects.

Now let's examine how landing pages put money in your pocket.

Below we will evaluate David Garfinkel's five reasons for using a landing page which he discussed in "The Copywriters Guild". You can without doubt apply these techniques using a proven system.


A landing page allows you to create a file of ideal prospects who want what you have.

Let's face it; the main reason people bomb in the MLM or Network Marketing business is the simple fact that their personal contact list does not want the business.

A landing page intended to offer marketing tools, the very life blood of every network marketers, will definitely capture a list of potential people who are attracted to in what you have to offer.

You hear people talk about the MLM Secret. This is it. You create a valued relationship with your ideal prospect and stop hounding your friends.You become the hunted instead of the hunter.


You have time to build trust. Demonstrating your leadership and marketing style allows people to know you, like you, and trust you. People buy from and work with people they like. The people who say no to your network marketing business often say yes to your marketing tools You're no longer leaving money on the table. More on that one later under funded proposals.

Staying in contact allows people to make a purchase later, since most people do not buy on the original visit.

You ought to find a way to buy their time. This has the potential, if done right, to triple your financial pay out.


You are establishing an ASSET. Owning your own list using services like Aweber or GetResponse creates an ASSET for you.You can market anything to this list. People on your list have given you permission to send them ideas & resources about something they are interested in. Bearing in mind their own due diligence they have decided YOU are worth listening to.

You become a leader and mentor to your prospect before you even speak.

When you respect that trust with superior content and valuable tools of the trade you have your own business model, leading to financial freedom.

Recall, there are tools and systems that make this a breeze to implement. So don't start panicking yet.

Network Marketing Companies coach you to market them as the expert. To create customer for the MLM company. If things go south for the MLM company try getting your list of contacts back. You will shortly discover that they own the contacts, not you.

"Assets feed you. Liabilities bleed you." Robert Kiyosaki


You are building a relationship of give and take. You will give priceless marketing strategies. Your prospect's role, buy and use your tools and training to increase their cash flow and perhaps join your marketing business. Some of course will take your ideas and strategies and go else where. That's life!

This approach will build you and ASSET. You have built friendships that last based on trust, mutual respect and value driven service.


It is proven to work. Countless people are on line these days after becoming million dollar earners in one to two years using this system.

In fact, my three business partners, created a $3,000,000 business using this method in a little over a year.

Compared to any other system used in network marketing this is the only one proven to provide TIME FREEDOM!

There is a master plan behind it all. My MLM Lead Generation 101 course will open up the big picture and show you how straightforward it really is make money on line with your MLM.

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