Increase The Effectiveness Of Social Media Marketing

By: Owen Barron

Social media marketing is one of the newest forms of online advertising. With the increase in the number of social media sites, internet users have a long list of networking and communication choices. A large percentage spend a good amount of time everyday on these websites which means there's a better chance of them spotting ads online.

Despite the popularity of social media websites, advertisers still have to pull out all the stops to ensure campaigns are far reaching and effective. This means working on ads as diligently as doing so for print, radio and television. Check out how after the jump.

The simple truth

No one likes ads that lie. Today's consumers are a skeptical populace and tall claims just don't cut it anymore. Messages need to be genuine. You're a company trying to sell its services and consumers know that so there's no need to gloss things over or hide potential problems.

In social media sites, members connect with hundreds of people and can get genuine opinions from any one of their friends. If you're selling something that doesn't live up to its claims, you'll be found out in a matter of minutes so stick to the truth and present offerings in a simple and transparent manner.

Be creative

There's a staggering number of online ads and standing out means doing something off-beat. Think of ads that made an impression on you and analyze what they contained to make them stand out. Think viral, interesting graphics, content intended to grab attention. The same points used to create lasting ads in other mediums should be used in internet advertising.


The biggest benefit of social media is the ability to connect with one another. Consumers love features that allow them to interact with advertisers as it makes them feel important and gets their thoughts heard. This value of opinion should be exploited so make use of sharing tools, comment sections and 'likes'. Show consumers that you're ready to listen to what they have to say and if complaints are made, resolve them ASAP. No lagging.

Follow trends

The internet is a world of changing trends. What's popular today will be replaced by something entirely new next month or even next week. Advertisers who follow trends, understand their impact and use them to showcase their offerings are much likelier to make an impression on consumers.

Don't overdo it, however, as novelty will be lost. If an ad is able to create waves, find out what exactly made it such a hit. Don't recreate the same concept but ride the wave by generating unique concepts.

Study customers

What makes customers go out and buy something? Aside from need, consumers purchase products because of usefulness, attractiveness, trend, to stand out etc. Every business has a loyal fan base but extending it means being able to appeal to the cold market. Social media allows businesses to gain invaluable insight into what customers want and the tools that enable this should be fully exploited.

Offer offers

We all love a freebie or a discount so even if you haven't made your way into the list of top brands, it shouldn't stop you from showing customers appreciation by offering attractive leads. It could be in the form of a competition, a free trial or a one-day discount on a product that's popular. When consumers see you making these offers, they know they're in for future treats and are likelier to remain loyal.

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