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By: Sebastian Promosski

What do you do? You have given birth to a great idea, a great big baby with massive potential. The problem is turning potential into genuine success. Where do you begin?
The potential of your idea excites you until you hit the streets wanting to promote it. The glare of the neon which represents all the other wannabe great ideas is blinding and confusing and could easily dampen your spirits were you not convinced of the power of your product.
A little bit of glamour and a little bit of carefully crafted polish can go a long way in promoting something that while showing undoubted quality, is really struggling to get off the ground. An informed nudge in the right direction can send your idea into the stratosphere that is the hungry market place.
Of course everyone wants success either personally or for their product or idea but how is success achieved for your exciting brand? How do you transport what you know is great into the hearts and minds of people everywhere?
What are your goals and how do you reach them? Brand awareness and brand recognition.
Brand Identity: For something to be successful it needs an identity. Does your service, product or event have an identity? Something people will recognise and relate to?
Brand Strategy: Your brand has now established an identity so what do you want it to achieve? What results are you looking for? Which people do you want to reach the most? How do you make sure it happens?
Brand Building: You have given your brand an identity you are happy with and you have devised a strategy for your brand. What tools will you use to make your strategy work smoothly and efficiently?
Once these necessary fences have been hurdled, your very own brand should be ready to join the battle as it enters the market place. The competition will be stiff and the race long but your brand is prepared for the long haul and can hold its own in the toughest place of all, the shop window.
It is now that the tools you have chosen to employee will be needed the most. Have you chosen the correct tools for your brand? What tools are there? How do use them when they seem so bewildering? Many decide to manage their own brands but for some it is too daunting, to complicated and too technical.
Social media Pr, press releases, media relations, online Pr and crisis management. These are just some of the many areas you will certainly encounter and may need to have on your side in the big battle of the brands.

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Sebastian Promosski writes about brand awareness. For more information on achieving your goals a Pr company, Surrey is an interesting place to start.

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