In the Night Garden

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In the Night Garden

The creators of the world-renowned Teletubbies show have been at it again and this time they have come up with a new concept that is destined to be as big a success as its TV counterpart. Andrew Davenport and Anne Wood have been commissioned for a new kiddies television show called “In the Night Garden”. This tele-series targets kids between one and five through its exciting characters that are placed in the world of fantasy. The shooting location has been kept a great secret however it is a location that is in the proximities of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The two creators have the task of completing 100 episodes within a budget of over £14 million, and with the previous success of the Teletubbies, this new show is bound to be a great success. By targeting the same audience as the Teletubbies, “In the Night Garden” features lively, cute and cuddly characters that are as life-like as they are colourful. Interestingly, the characters are not animated computer generated images but live characters. To introduce you to a few of them, Iggle Piggle is a delightfully blue character with bright red hair, who often throws himself on the ground or energetically dancing about the night garden. His inquisitive and courageous nature is often underpinned by his need for comfort from his red-blanket that he always carries around.

Upsy Daisy features with striped tights and multi-coloured hair is often seen singing and dancing around the night garden with her inflated tutu and her hair standing on end! Makka Pakka is a teddy-like character that lives in a cave and collects pebbles and stones. You can catch Makka Pakka tottering around with his Og-Pog, a type of tricycle, carrying his trademark cleaning kit that he uses to dust and polish everything in the night garden. If he is not cleaning the garden then he is washing the faces of the other characters and blowing on his special red trumpet.

Besides these main characters, you can look out for Ninky Nonk, the Pinky Ponk and Uff-uff dryer! If that is not enough you can expect regular appearances from the Tombliboos and the Pontipines! All the characters move about the garden in various colourful modes of transport as they interact with each other and with the audience. Andrew Davenport and Anne Wood, have created episodes that were written in such a way that they involve the children watching allowing them to learn from the lovable and engaging characters, to help stimulate their young minds and captivating the young viewers the same way that the Teletubbies have for the past few years.

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