In What Ways Wood Chips Are Beneficial

By: Jake Hyet

There are many at times that you will need to consult a reliable Stump Grinding Sydney company to remove ugly looking stumps in your yard. This is especially when you are planning to plant grass to make your back yard more appealing. However, there are different things that you must consider before you can eventually sign contractual papers. These include but not limited to your preferred company licenses, registration status with professional bodies, as well as track record of quality of services offered. Further, the company of your choice must have a comprehensive insurance cover to cater for unprecedented situations. Above all, they should offer solid advice on ways that you can use wood chips for your own benefit. Here are some of the advantages of chips

1. Use on Foot Paths

There are many benefits associated with wood chips and whenever you have your stump grinded do not just think of disposing the chips your own way. One of the things that you can do is to use chips on foot path in your garden because this drastically reduces compaction that comes about because of movement. If you want to retain compact nature of your foot path, then definitely this is best way to go.

2. Beautify the environment

You can also use the chips to complement your environment by adding some color before finally placing it on the path. In this way, you will not only have save tons of money on sprucing up your yard, but also created an inviting environment. The best way you can go about the process is solicit the services of an experienced Stump Grinding Sydney Company and let professionals do the job.

3. Use it as Mulch

This is one of the top benefits that come with chips and cannot be overlooked in any way. In fact, when used for mulching in your yard, the weeds will not grow hence while reducing future maintenance costs associated with gardens. It will also help in stabilizing soil temperatures and maintaining soil moisture. Overall, it adds value to the garden by making it retain its original beauty.

4. Mix it with soil

It is important to note this best suits compact soil structures that have issues with aeration. In this case, it opens up pores enabling water to sink into the ground. During the decomposition process, the chips will release nutrients to the soil enabling fast growth of plants. However, it depends on the type of wood that the chips came from. It is for this reason you are advised to consult with stump Grinding Sydney professionals who are well versed with things to do with soil pH levels.

5. Safe

The million dollar question that most home gardeners like to ask is; are chips safe? The one thing that gives homeowners sleepless nights are weeds and which the best herbicides to use that will not have a negative effect on the environment. However, with chips you will not have to worry about this at all. They are safe and cost effective and you will be able save a lot of money in the long run. It is always a win-win situation when you use chips in your garden.

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