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So, we should accept now that everyone in the world has a reaction time that can be increased and decreased at oneís will. Most of the time this reaction time is slow. But there are many games that can increase our reaction time by training the stimulus in our brain cells.
According to a research our brain keeps making new neurons and static waves that can be generated for better stimulation and process of brain in understanding things.
For that purpose there are many exercises shaped, some are for physical body while others are solely for mental fitness.
That these exercises are made for brain exercises only can be used with the help of a computer system. And according to some future predictors, these exercises will become part of school curriculum in the near future.
Some of the websites that provide a list of these exercises are given below.

1. Brain Metrix:
Humans have five cognitive parts in their brains including speed, memory, visualization, concentration and problem solving. These can be evolved and increased by using different methods. But some of the easiest methods that every person can use now are from internet. Brain metrix is also one of the websites that train the brain for better result and understanding.
2. Lumosity:
Lumosity is an interactive website based on semantic web for individual users. The main clause of the website is to analyze and display the results of each individual in his account. That means, the website has some interactive games in it, when users play those games they are analyzed and they are analyzed on a regular basis that brings out the results of how much increase is seen in their normal performance.
3. Fitbrain:
Fit brain is also an interactive website. Itís just like Lumosity, but the main difference is in the brain games that it provides and that of Lumosity. It doesnít have any speed games instead that place is taken by concentration games and focus games. Fitbrain has also a positive point that lumosity lacks. That is of its free functionality. Fitbrain provides brain games for free to its users. But just like lumosity it also asks for credit in the shape of coins if you want to play some other games.

In the conclusion, we can say that a person needs to keep his mind and body in shape and to do that he needs to practice with both.

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