Improving Your Golf Game Through After Image Technique

By: Chung Khoury

Improving Your Golf Game
The most important step in improving your golf game is to FOCUS your mind. In order to FOCUS, stress regulation is key.
Being able to block out pressures, stresses, and other mental interruptions in order to prevent your muscles from tightening up and affecting your stroke is difficult.
After Image Tech has developed a tool that will train you to regulate the effects of stress or pressure that affects your golf performance.
With a few minutes a day for three weeks, you can train your mind to reduce stress and allow yourself to achieve peak performance.
Stress and the Brain
The left brain is the analytical side, responsible for words, numbers, analysis and criticism. Stress causes the Limbic System, the oldest part of the brain to kick in - the Flight or Fight response. When this happens, fear triggers our left brain to begin analyzing, criticizing, our voices get shaky, our hands get cold, and muscles tense up.
The key is to be able to switch over to the right brain when needed. The right brain is the artistic and kinesthetic side. This is what we need for great performance. The brain waves are slower, and the focus is on experiencing the sights, sounds, smells, not analyzing or criticizing yourself.
Feel it, do it, experience the zone.
Stimulating Your Right Brain
Right brain waves are slower, they are alpha brainwave frequency. To stimulate right brain activity, we have developed a two-step technique using visual conditioning.
Visual conditioning uses a specific alpha producing yellow-green frequency and an after image (seeing an image with our eyes closed) technique that causes brain synchronization and the production of alpha brainwaves.
Physiologically, two thirds of the brain is involved with processing and interpreting the data received from the eyes.
If the Visual Cortex can be trained or conditioned, then brain synchronization may occur, causing the brain to produce Alpha waves.
Repeat viewing of the violet-colored after image, which dances around the Alpha producing yellow-green circle image utilized, produces a visual-conditioning feedback loop to the brain. This feedback produces alpha brain waves resulting in numerous beneficial effects such as lower hear and pulse rates, that increases your ability to focus. Like biofeedback or meditation, the mind becomes quiet and in focus, reducing mental and muscle tension and enables optimal performance in any endeavor including your golf game.

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After Image Tech provides a method to improve your golf game developed by Carl Gagnon, a sports and performance psychology specialist, and further described on his website

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