Improve and Expand your Business through Engineering Tools.

By: Azel Vartti

You might have heard about the engineering tools but do you really know that how does these engineering tools are helpful in increasing the potential growth of any business. For running any business or industry smoothly, its very necessary to ensure that all its parallel parts or unit also work efficiently and properly, and for that purpose we need an engineering tools or software which keeps track of all these things and raise an alarm when ever such predicament arises.

There are numerous industry such as aerospace and aviation airlines, automotive, chemical, electronics, consumer electronics, defense, military, energy plants,gas and oil, medical, public transportation and semiconductors, but regardless of type there are four basic tools, viz Reliability, Availability, Maintenance and Safety tools (RAMS) through which we can keep track on the performance of any industry.

Now the question may arise that, is it essential to use these tools..? The answer is yes, and here are some of the reason behind this yes.

Human Safety – The failure in the system cause some inconvinience, but sometimes failure impact might be so severe that it may cause the loss of human life, so for such situation we need a set of software tools that can simulate all kinds of failures in a system and the effects of such failures on system behavior.

Production – Every industrialist and businessman wants have more and more production so as to have maximum return on asset investment, but under intence competitive global business climate we need such software which increase the production with reduce manufacturing cost.

MTBF – MTBF is Mean Time Between Failure, it determine the estimated time of a system or machine in particular environment upto which it will last or work properly, and this estimation time could only be calculated through the help of software tools.

Asset Performance – Here Asset Performance is reffered to as the total investment that has been made while establishing the indusrty or business and the earning from the investment, for that too we need software tools to calculate the ratio of income to the investment and the way through which the profit could be increased.

Maintenance – For maintaining machines and production line we too need tools such that, it scientifically analyzes, improves and optimize all relevant aspects of maintenance strategies like replacement, repair or discard of machine, spare parts allocation & procurement and support & test equipments.

There are uncountable advantages of using engineering tools & software, such as reliability software, ILS, Maintenance software and many more, which are cost effective software as compared to its functionality and usability to give you an edge over this competitive market through innovative technology.

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Azel Vartti is an industrialist as well as columnist, who himself uses the latest technology, tools and softwares, such as reliability software for cost effective maintenance and reduced life cycle cost. In this article he has just tried to explain various tools which may prove to be useful for cutting of extra cost and increase the productivity and hence profit of the company.

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