Improve Your MMO Performance with WTFast

By: Andrew M Lawson

As any online gamer knows, the latency rate of your connection to the remote game server is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. While a latency of as high as 200ms is theoretically still playable, a high latency gives you a huge disadvantage when playing against human opponents. The latency rate basically dictates your reaction time, and even if your own reaction time is very quick, and you have excellent hardware at your disposal, it can never be faster than your actual latency rate as far as your opponent is concerned. If, for example, an opponent has a latency of 40ms, and you have a latency of 100ms, the former will have a significant advantage over you. In order to remain competitive in today's massively multiplayer online games and other online video games, the latency of your connection means everything.

Improve Your Game Speed with a Gamer's Private Network

As a gamer, you probably already have the fastest and best Internet connection available in your area, but there are still some things that you can do to enhance performance and reliability even more. One solution is to connect to the remote game server via a gamer's private network. This will help to ensure that your connection to the remote server always functions at optimal performance, decreasing your latency, enhancing performance and decreasing the chance of unforeseen connection problems and other issues.

WTFast is exactly that - a private network for gamers that allows users to get more out of their Internet connections when playing video games, particularly MMOs. It helps to reduce lag and increase performance by as much as 70%. The number one solution for getting rid of lag and lowering latency rates on the market, WTFast also provides full support for almost every online PC game. It also provides optimized presents designed for specific games, including popular titles like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, Aion Online and much, much more. No additional third-party software is required either, since WTFast is made exclusively with gamers in mind.

Whether your connection lags consistently or only on the rare occasion, things like lag spikes and high latencies often mean the difference between winning and losing, but thanks to the features and potential afforded by WTFast, such problems virtually become a thing of the past. An intuitive and straightforward solution, WTFast is also available to try for free. It is easy to install and customize, and when you want to use a profile for a specific game, all you need to do is type it into the search box, just like searching for something in Google, and click the result that appears. WTFast supports more than 800 games, including all of the popular MMO franchises, and the selection is constantly being updated as more games get released. On a final not, WTFast does not encrypt game data, and this means improved performance and complete compatibility with game servers. Learn more about the service at

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Andrew Lawson is an avid gamer and PC enthusiast who routinely uses a gamer's private network when playing online video games including World of Warcraft and Aion Online.

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