Improve Your Home Before Selling It

By: Rick Skuw

Only a few years ago, you could put a "For Sale" sign in the front of a home and within a number of days a line of buyers would form, each hoping to offer the best bid. Those days are long gone now.

Today there is a record list of houses on the marketplace. When a potential buyer comes to see your house, you need to realize they have possibly already have viewed dozens of homes just like yours. How does your home look in contrast to your competition? Why should they buy your house instead of the competitions? You will always think yout house is better than everybody elses, but is it really?

When you inhabit a home every day, we usually tend to overlook the faults. It is always a good idea to get an honest evaluation of how your house looks to possible buyers, it always helps to get a a set of fresh eyes have a to look at it. One way to learn how your house compares to your competition is to ask a real estate agent to have a look at your house.

Have a few agents to come by and ask them what they would suggest you do to fix your house up ready for selling. You will not be required to sign a listing contract with an agent to get them to guage the condition of your home. Most estate agents are going to be happy to help you because they are hoping to get your listing when you're ready to sell. Ask the agent to be brutally honest, saving your feelings now seriously isn't going to get you the quickest sale and best price for your home. There is one more item you will want to look at before putting your house up for sale, and that's curb appeal.

Does your house have Curb Appeal?
When a potential buyer comes up the street, what will be their first feeling they get about your house? When you are renovating your house, you should start with what a possible buyer will see first. If a purchaser is keeping your house under consideration, they'll drive by several times without their agent at different times of the day and without coming inside.

What is the condition of the footpath and driveway? When an agent pulls up with a possible buyer, what are they going to? Is the sidewalk or driveway cracked or discolored? Is it covered with dirt from run-off after the recent rainfall?

There are chemicals available that will remove stains from concrete. If the driveway is asphalt, you can get crack filler and coating to make the asphalt look new. If the public sidewalk in front of the home is cracked, you can work with your local council to get it fixed. You may will need to have a new driveway or sidewalk poured. It can be costly, but you may want to spend the money in order to get that all-important curb appeal.

What is the condition of the lawn? Assuming that you don't have desert like landscaping, is your lawn as green as it could be, or are there many brown spots. If your lawn is less than perfect, you should do something about it. Fertilize and replant dead grass and water more frequently.

If the trees and bushes in front of your house look partially dead or are overgrown, you will be required to trim them. Add some colour to the front landscaping by planting some flowers along the pathway leading to your front door. If you can't do the landscape work yourself, you might want to hire a landscaper. Remove any rubbish from the front and back of your home.

If you don't have the time to do this sort of work yourelf then use RightTrader to locate the right people who will be capable of doing the work that you do not have the time to do yourself.

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