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By: Mel Joelle

When you have a business website on internet and you need to increase the search engine ranking to get paid, the first thing to evaluate is the site design, itself. Often flashy attention getting sites, don’t have the right frames to upload fast and smooth on the surfer’s end. Outrageous and flashy colors take a long time to upload resulting in crashes. This sends your SEO rankings, south.

A site with too much content on the page, results in an over kill. So the architecture has to be balanced and it has to upload in less than 30 seconds. It’s best tao have a professional graphics, design your business website for you. This way you have a site, that is balanced and uploading smoothly which comes foremost in the SEO ranking.

Since content is King, it’s important to keep what you are saying on your site, precise and to the point. The keywords and meta-tags got to be on the first page so that you site is found through your

Also make sure that your html is correct because your site is not found in the SEO, if it isn’t. Macromedia is nice to use, but keep that down to minimum if you are using it. This is because too much java script, crashes the browsers and the plugins. If you are using msword, it inserts estranged characters, in the html. When you clean that our of the source and save it, you page is working and seen in the SEO.

The other thing is that you got to target your buying audience for your product or service. If everything is going good with you web page and your not getting sales or customers, it’s time to increase your search engine, pay for bid optimization. If you page is not landing on top or near the bottom of the SEO page, for the meta-tag group you chose, surfers are not seeing your page. You got to increase your bids to be seen or change your meta-tag category and bid for the higher amount.

Another very important thing about being found in the SEO is have good links to other websites, on your site. This networking is important for the growth of your site, product or service. Be careful and check the links at least once a week. For if one is broken, your ranking goes down. Buying a link package does not guaranty you that they are good. With that said, always check your whole site for broken links.

It’s important that you or a hired webmaster, monitor your site, at least once a week. f you SEO is google, they supply you with a tracking records package. If you site is not reaching the guidelines, you can fix it so that it is.

Make sure that the robots are current for your site so that you don’t block the google crawler for your site. Make efforts to make sure that your website advertisements don’t block your crawlers. Also test your site to make sure that it appears in different browsers.

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