Important and universal piece of cooking equipment is the earth pot.

By: Kamal Bhatia

If you have never been to Asia and this is your first visit then you should prepare yourself for a surprise, as far as the cooking equipment is concerned. Many people may be aware of the 'Wok' used to cook Asian food, however there are a score of other cooking implements that are sure to be new to your mind. So, if you are one of those individuals who love to try out new recipes then you are going to love experimenting with the newer implements from Asia.

So to get down to the fun of it all lets start by explaining the basic cooking utensil used by one and all in the heartland of Asia - The Wok. In any Asian household or restaurant you will find the Wok to be the most basic and useful cooking implement. The Wok is generally made of pure stainless steel or cast Iron. For more details .This utensil is a concave structure with two metallic handles on either side and comes in various sizes.

This implement has many uses. It can double up as a frying pan most of the time. Use it to stir fry, deep fry or steam your dish. The uses of the Wok are endless so to keep this cooking implement in good shape it is best that you keep it well greased when not in use - the most important tip for up coming cooks.

The next important and omnipresent piece of cooking equipment is the clay pot. You will find this utensil in every Asian household. This is the Asian version of the famous English Stew Pot. The difference is the shape and the material it is made out of. The Asian Clay pot is made out of clay baked in an oven. There is also a difference in the way the dish is cooked using this clay pot. The English will place the pot in an oven while the Asian Clay Pot is placed on the stove. There is a quality to the clay pot that no metal vessel can provide. If the dinners are late the clay pot keeps the meal steaming hot for over an hour.

Any Asian household and restaurant is incomplete without the Steamer. This is a favorite with all Asians and they usually come in an assortment of sizes. Steamers start with as little as a 6 inch diameter and move all the way up to a foot in diameter. For more details .The traditional steamer is made from bamboo though in modern times they have been showing up in aluminum. The steamer is a great utensil to steam food such as rice and vegetables, however it also has an added use - it can be used as a serving dish too.

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