Important Web Designing Rules Today

By: Ghos C. Jony

Like everything else in life, the way people consume information from the internet has changed drastically in the past decade. Therefore, a complete overhaul of web designing rules became more than necessary. There have never been any hard and fast rules of web designing written somewhere, these are common suggestions that web designers all over the world share with each other, if they are wish their colleagues and acquaintances to stay in business. Of course, these rules can change with newer technologies, concepts and business models cropping up, but they are the most relevant today.

Websites today are more about information instead of design, looks and feel. Unless you are working on a very niche website, you should concentrate more on the content of the website and not about the look and feel. Even the most awesomely designed website with all the eye candy in the world will not become popular unless you offer the visitors something finite and material, whether it is information, or a chance to buy something, or something else. You should also ensure that the website design takes nothing away from the accessibility of the site, and readability of the content on the website. While designing a website, remember the five-second rule users will not remain on your website for more than five seconds if they do not instantly find something interesting so do not keep your highlight content behind a barrage of accessibility requirements.

Other important aspects to consider are the colours you use, the fonts and the icons that you will be using in the website. Try to make sure that they match the concept of the website, or the product that the website is promoting.

If you have designed the site following a certain theme, you should stick to that concept to all the annals of the Internet, whether it is a spin off blog, or a social network group and page. Many social networks now offer you a chance to create your fan page or group page. If the web designer maintains the group properly, it can create a traffic exodus like nothing before to your site. Websites today will die if they are not social.

It is compulsory to implement social aspects into the website everywhere. If there is a post, you should make sure that the users could share it on the various social networks that are popular today. Tools automatically share posts and updates from the website socially, but you would need to be careful about what exactly goes to the social sites, as too many updates from your site could turn up as spam.

Apart from social, the website should also be tweaked for search engines, as they are responsible for a large chunk of traffic Tweaking a website for the search engine is not difficult, and one has to do a lot on other properties rather than the website to get traffic via search engine optimisation. If you are not conversant with SEO or do not have the resources to get a refresher course, you would be better off hiring a SEO firm that will work in tandem with a web designer.

These are the rules for web designing today, live by them, and have a successful web-designing career!

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