Important Points to Consider when Buying an Infrared Sauna for Your Home

By: Chris Robertson

Perhaps you've recently stayed in a luxury hotel that offered a fantastic spa and sauna to help you relax to the fullest during your vacation. Or maybe you're a member of a nearby gym that offers access to a sauna. Now, just imagine having your very own home sauna to enjoy each evening after a hard day's work! With today's new technology and a reasonable investment based on the type of sauna you want, you can easily have a top quality infrared sauna of your own.

Finnish culture has promoted the idea of saunas for years. Relaxing in a sauna has become an important part of the Finns' culture, and it's an activity meant for the entire family to enjoy. In fact, their culture supports one sauna for every 2.6 people. That's a lot of saunas! They realize that infrared saunas benefit everyone and help to wind down after a hard day's labor.

Far infrared (FIR) saunas are not only for relaxation and enjoyment. They also offer various health benefits such as pain relief and muscle relaxation, heavy perspiration to release toxins from the body, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, weight loss, etc. So if you're ready to take the next step and buy an infrared home sauna of your own, here are some important factors to consider.

Do You Want an Indoor or Outdoor Sauna?

If you have enough room inside your home, you can assemble the infrared sauna indoors. Maybe you have an extra bedroom that's being used as a workout room with exercise equipment. An infrared sauna will make an excellent addition to your family gym. Maybe you have a very large bathroom with some extra space for a sauna. In or near a bath area would be a logical choice because you must rinse off in a shower after exiting the sauna. If you have no room indoors or prefer the outdoors, consider adding a small outdoor shower near the sauna to simplify sauna use. Keep in mind that outdoor saunas are treated and constructed in a different manner than indoor infrared saunas.

Pre-assembled Saunas

If you want an easy, affordable way to set up an infrared sauna at your home, opt for a pre-assembled sauna. This type of home sauna will arrive as a kit or in panel form with detailed instructions, so you can easily assemble it yourself. To install the sauna, you'll simply piece the sides together using slots, install any windows or doors, and install the roof and bench. These saunas are manufactured in various sizes and shapes to fit your tastes and room size requirements. Some companies that manufacture carbon infrared saunas offer different types of wood for their saunas such as red cedar, hemlock, spruce, aspen or redwood. Red cedar wood is preferable because it is durable, resistant to decay, aromatic and can withstand harsh weather conditions (for outdoor saunas). Red cedar wood is also pleasing to the eye, providing added beauty for your home decor.

Carbon or Ceramic?

There are still more choices when buying a home sauna. You must choose whether to settle for a ceramic sauna or to opt for the higher end carbon infrared sauna. Though both types offer benefits, the carbon-based sauna usually offers better heat distribution, lower surface temperatures, more flexibility which helps minimize the potential for damage during shipping, and a solid wood construction. You should compare these two options in detail before making a decision. Keep in mind that carbon saunas offer more added features such as chromotherapy, or light therapy to bring balance and tranquility to your mind and body, tempered tinted glass, a thick tongue and groove, seamless design, and interior entertainment such as a CD player, radio or DVD player.

Features that may affect the cost of your sauna include luxury lighting packages, ceiling vents, adjustable timers and temperature, oxygen ionizer, soft touch control panels, how much seating room (2 person sauna or 3 or more people) you'll need, and what type of warranty is offered by the manufacturer or retailer. Look for saunas that provide a lifetime warranty if possible. This gives you peace of mind knowing the company stands behind their products.

Start enjoying infrared sauna benefits today, and use these tips to buy a home sauna that will bring family enjoyment for years to come!

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