Important Information to Know About Cork Tile

By: Vikram Kuamr

Never make assumptions that you know a lot about cork tile. You will end up looking foolish once in the market because purchase might turn out to be a burden. You have to be well equipped with all important details about tiles made of cork and your purchase will be smooth. The most important piece of information that you must have in mind concerning these tiles is their characteristics. They are the qualities that make up the tiles thus will be very critical in your purchase mission. One of those characteristics is that cork occurs naturally thus its durability as well as aesthetic value are almost guaranteed.

You will not have to get concerned about some of the quality issues that are very common with other materials. Flooring material should not be heavy and itís a characteristic that corks boats of. It is made from a tree bark which definitely makes it light as compared to those tiles made from wood or vinyl. This will come in handy very well during installation because you will have to move the tiles from one point to another. The resistance level of a cork tile is very high making sure no water or even sound gets to penetrate through. This quality will come to help in very many and diverse occasions. This is in line with corkís compressive strength that helps to cushion tiles from suffering dents.

Heavy things will accidentally fall on the tiles which can leave serious dents if the tileís quality is wanting. Other notable characteristics of tiles made of cork include stumpy thermal conductivity, affordable pricing and good contraction as well as expansion. The tiles will expand and contract depending on the prevailing weather condition which is corkís adaptability nature. There is a huge color variation for cork tiles which you will require knowing about. The color of a tile will be determined by two main factors; time used in baking and temperatures under which a tile was baked. That simply means that the longer the baking period and the higher the temperatures, the darker the tiles will appear and vice versa.

For any color, it can either be dark, medium or light and all that will be dependent on the two factors highlighted above. There is tile size which will be an important thing for you to know about. Sizes vary from a manufacturer to another and depending on a variety of factors since there are varying needs to be satisfied. In some cases, the size of cork tile is standard with common ones being 9"x9" or 12"x12". Make sure you choose the one that will fit in to the available space in the house. For the shapes, there are rectangular, oblong, square and thick tiles.

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Donít embark on buying cork tile if you are totally ignorant on what it is or even what to look for in making an informed purchase. It might end up frustrating you especially when out looking for a kitchen flooring tile for your new or old room. Ensure you have grasped all the basic information.

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