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The Extra-curricular activities for students are of paramount importance for their future growth, both physically and mentally. It’s importance cannot be overlooked as extra-curricular activities provides them good health, and as the famous saying goes, “A healthy body has a sound mind. ”According to a research study, students involved in extra-curricular activities are more likely to become leaders, more willing to complete tasks, more willing to voice opinions and more likely to graduate from high school and can generate more annual incomes in comparison to those who are deprived of these activities! It brings positive attitude towards life. If they think positively, consequently the attitude and action about everything will be positive. That is why, it is important to bring people together to enjoy their life, their activities and their profession. The positive development of young people during their student life is a fundamental investment in the future of society.

Moreover, extra-curricular activities can empower students to make their own decisions and help them achieve necessary experience and skills to lead a successful life ahead. It is also a superior method to explore social, political and professional career. It gain help students gain experience in a variety of fields that will enhance their career. Through participation in sports, students learn co-operation, team- work and rime-management. They also learn responsibility, problem-solving and communication. Extra-curricular activities also help students discover their hidden talents, meet people they never encountered before, and learn about practical life and worldly affairs. By joining any humanitarian work, computer club or library, will expose the students to new people and new ideas. Communication between people is of utmost importance because” humans are social animals.”

In the digital world of today, students spend much time working on computer, which hinders their physical activity. Almost all the students possess their own PCs, or manage to somehow buy used computer or refurbished laptops to save money. Students mostly prefer cheap refurbished computers which work excellently and are available, convenient and affordable. Computer usage should have limitation, and must specially be confined for their school assignment in order to pay more attention towards extra-curricular activities. Students should choose something new and different and meet people who possess skills in various disciplines. They can select any outdoor activities according to their choice, impulse and talent. They can join music band, orchestra, choir, library, theater, etc .They must participate enthusiastically in outdoor games which teaches them co-operation and harmony. Sportsmanship spirit is instilled in students due to games.

The fact that extra-curricular activities influence people greatly is scientifically proved. A person behaves adequately if there is appropriate biological and psychological development. These activities help him prepare himself for everything unusual that may happen as it supports him mentally and physically. They can develop skills specific to their career path and essential for future job success. Extra-curricular activities also provide opportunities to improve their leadership and interpersonal skills and enhance their self-confidence. It allows students to link academic knowledge with practical experience.

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