Import and Export Sector in India

By: Gurleen kour

The economy of India has various sectors and industries under which its entire population works and earn their living. These different sectors and professions have in many ways added to the economic growth of the country. A country is dependent on its working population for its growth, and due to the number of professions and opportunities growing in the various industries, has resulted in the employment of a larger share of population. Some of the popular industries satisfying the needs of job seekers are Information Technology, lifestyle, fashion, house- hold, communications and media, medicine, education, hospitality, etc.

An industry, which forms a part of all these sectors or in a way the whole economy is dependent on its business for the financial and infrastructural growth of the country is the Import and Export department. Import and Export business has in itself become an industry which employees a countable number of job seekers of the country. The employees doing job in the import and export sector of the country are bound to follow the rules and work according to the following objectives as far as the import of the products is concerned:

1.) The goods imported should be made easily available to the common masses, to help them improvise and upgrade the technology used for the manufacturing of different products.

2.) A proper license should be made for the import of products.

3.) Substitutions for the imported products should be encouraged to decrease the outflow of foreign currency

4.) Prohibited goods to be imported in the country, like unprocessed ivory, tallow fat, animal rennet and the import of wild animals, should not practised.

5.) The products harming the health, hygiene, environmental, and security elements of the country should not be imported.

6.) The export of India’s traditional products should be promoted to encourage the inflow of foreign currency in the country

7.) The laws made by the Indian government as the import and export trading policies should be followed by the people working in the sector.

Following is a brief of the industries contributing majorly into the country’s import and export business:

Agriculture Industry: Farming being the basis and the traditional profession of the Indians, country is popular for the export of many types of rice, tea, sugar, herbs, wheat, etc. all these products are great in demand and appreciated by the foreign customers.

Textile Industry: textile or apparel industry in India has contributed a lot to the import export bank of the country. After agriculture, textile is the second largest industry supporting the export business of India. As studied by the experts, textile industry is surely said to grow in the coming years, from its present 30% contribution in the Indian Export business and thereby proving more jobs in import and export sector.

Home furnishing industry: The goods, having the capability to beautify the house and to actually make one feel the essence of home, are exported by Indians in a great way. Also, India is said to be promoting the family culture all over the world, by spreading its ethnic and traditional values.

Indian Jewellery: the traditional jewellery of India, is the dream of every woman. It is said to raise the beauty of the woman and girls all over the world are seen participating in the purchase of Indian jewellery.

Chemical Industry: chemical or drug industry contributes 7 % to the total of import export sector in the country. Drugs, medicines, and other health products, forms a major part of the job industry in India, many people are seen employed in the health sector, whether its pharmaceutical, research, or hospitals.

Indian population is said to be the most talented and intelligent workforce all over the globe. Other than the products from the above mentioned industries, export of human workforce from India is practised by all the economies.

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