Imagine Yourself As A Little Dog

By: Connie Limon

Your little dog has just as much intelligence and instincts as the larger 150 pound dogs. Sometimes these little dogs forget they are little. When he growls and snaps at bigger dogs it is most likely he figures that he is safer being the aggressor. Your little dog needs extra encouragement to feel safe. Gentle and happy training methods work best for the little dogs. Positive training methods are essential for the small toy breed dogs.

Sometimes people expect too much of dogs. They think their dog is supposed to understand all their commands and when the dog does not understand, they are labeled as stupid or stubborn.

Our small dogs have the ability to adapt to our lifestyles and learn what much of our language means. We just have to be able to teach them how.

When you bring your small toy dog home he will need special attention and supervision. They often experience hypoglycemia. They donít have the body weight to be resilient to disease and temperature changes. Nutri-cal is an excellent supplement which helps to control the small dogís blood sugar levels. Let your new small dog meet some gentle children at your house. He probably fits into the palm of your hand. Expose him to different surfaces such as carpet, linoleum and grass. Take him on some short car rides. At this time the most important lessons your new small dog should learn is that his new home environment is interesting, safe and fun and that the new people here are kind and gentle.

One of his next important lessons will be to learn to wear and collar and a leash. Make sure the collar fits the small dog properly and that he cannot wiggle out of it. For inside, sometimes a cat collar works well. You will want a sturdier collar, however, for outside use. Allow your small toy dog to wear his collar for a week or so without trying to put on a leash. After a week or so has passed, snap on a very lightweight leash. Hold onto the leash and follow the puppy everywhere he leads you. Donít try to direct him at first. You want the leash to be a pleasant way of exploring his world. Do not talk baby talk to your small dogs. Talk happily to him as he walks around with his leash and collar. Tell him how handsome he is wearing a collar and leash, or how pretty she is. After a few days of letting your puppy lead you, then you can begin leading your puppy.

Pat your knee and in a very happy voice, say his name and then say, ďLetís go!Ē Take a few steps and encourage your toy dog to follow. When he does follow you, tell him heís the best puppy ever. Alternate letting the puppy take you places and you taking him places. Think of yourself as a team with your small toy breed puppy and start exploring his larger world together.

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