Illness and Walking

By: Sarah Carlye

Illness doesn’t mean you can’t go walking, often you can continue with a walking program. It is important to listen to your body and not push yourself, though. Often many walkers find that a walk speeds recovery and the feeling of wellness returns more quickly. When a shoe like the Stepgym is worn, even a short walk will give the body a good work out. If there is ever any question if walking is safe during an illness, consult a health professional.

For runners who might not be able to run while ill, walking is a good alternative during recovery. It can be difficult to run when ill with cold or other respiratory illness because it makes breathing more difficult. It doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”. Some of the following can be tried during an illness and during recovery of an illness:

• Run a short distance at the beginning, stop before becoming tired and walk the remainder.
• Alternate walking and running with walking intervals longer than the running intervals to avoid becoming fatigued.
• Walk at the beginning and run a short distance at the end to you can rest after the run

For those who walk regularly, during an illness and recovery of an illness, the walk can be altered to avoid over exertion and fatigue. The changes can include the walk being shortened, the pace slowed, and walking on flat level surfaces.

One of the advantages of doing some walking when ill or recovering from being ill; it prevents breaks in the walking routine. For some a break of a few days can result in loosing momentum, decline in motivation, and sometimes even abandoning walking completely. So whenever possible, continue doing as much as possible when sick or recovering from being sick, even if it is just a short walk.

If you normally run in your running shoes, you can have a second pair of walking shoes like the Stepgym shoe for times when you aren’t running, like if you are fighting an illness, to maintain staying in shape. For those who prefer walking, the Stepgym shoe increases the benefits. Order your Stepgym shoe today.

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